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GTA 4 The Ballad of Gay Tony (english version)

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Main Characters Mira | translated by: Potvora & Alix | 26.04.2010

Luis Fernando Lopez
Dubbed by: Mario D'Leon



Luis is the main character of the second DLC called The Ballad of Gay Tony. He’s a 25 year old man of Dominican origin. He works as a bodyguard for Tony Prince, also known as Gay Tony. Luis works in Tony Prince’s Maisonette 9 and Hercules nightclubs.

Tony Prince
Dubbed by: David Tenner


Gay Tony (proper name: Tony Prince) runs a nightclub business. He owns two nightclubs in Algonquin – Hercules and Maisonette 9. He’s drug-addicted and needs Luis – his bodyguard – to carry out dirty work for him.

Gracie Ancelotti
Dubbed by: Rebecca Benhayon


Gracie is the daugher of Giovanni Ancelotti, the head of the Ancelotti criminal syndicate. She’s not involved in the family business; she’s connected to several criminals, though. She’s often to be seen close to Tony Prince. 

Willy Valerio

Willy is a head of a Dominican gang dealing the drugs. Willy’s somehow connected to Luis.

Ray Bulgarin
Dubbed by: Vitali Baganov

Ray smuggles the people from Eastern Europe to the States. He is connected to Russian organized crime in LC. Ray represents a highly-respected member of worldwide organized crime. He’s connected to Dimitri Rascalov.





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