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GTA 4 The Ballad of Gay Tony (english version)

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The Random Characters Walkthrough Jaromír Miko | translated by: Potvora & Alix | 11.10.2010

There are three random characters spread over Algonquin in The Ballad of Gay Tony. Their missions are fairly easy to complete within a couple of minutes.


1. Margot (1)

Locations: Near the Hercules nightclub

Reward: Nothing!


Drive Margot to the southern Algonquin hospital once the cutscene is over and make sure she stays alive.



2. Arnaud (1)

Locations: Street near the hospital drove Margot to

Reward: Nothing!


Drive Arnaud to Massage Spa in Chinatown.


3. Daisy

Locations: Inside the Maisonette 9 nightclub (mission available only when the club is open)

Reward: 500$


Daisy can be found at the bar. Once the cutscene is over, go to north Algonquin. Talk to Daisy and then go to Perseus near the Middle Park. Look for Chris (the guy Daisy’s looking for), but trust me – he’s not there. Proceed to the Squid Row restaurant in south Algonquin and look around the place. Still there’s no Chris there, right? Drive to the Star Junction and voila – there’s Chris, looking at Daisy’s advertisement. She takes it wrong and leaves. Mission completed.


4. Margot (2):

Locations: Pier 45 (third floor)

Reward: Nothing!


Margot is so desperate that she’s about to jump off the building. You try to convince her not to do it, but she jumps to her death anyway. Get away from the building. There are a lot of witnesses who think it was you who pushed her; they take “justice” in their hands and try to kill you. One of them calls the police and you’ll be awarded two-star heat level. Evading the police might be quite tricky as they are spawning everywhere.


5. Arnaud (2):

Locations: Bohan (the only random character icon in Bohan)

Reward: Nothing!


You’ll find Arnaud lying on the ground next to the trash. Arnaud’s been having a great time with a hooker but got robbed by a pimp who stole his wallet and beat him up. You can find the pimp at Bronco Street. Kill him, grab the wallet and drive Arnaud to Fortside.





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