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Audi, Bugatti, Mazda Cars Viktor Karlíček | 03.05.2013 12:25

Hi everyone! Today we update 3 cars, all from Need For Speed series. That’s it, see you!



Toxic Trashmaster, Tatra 603 adn 1970 Mack RS700 Veronika Kailová | 02.05.2013 09:18

Hi, I brought you a traditional truck today. Its name is Mack RS700. I’ve also got old Tatra 603 for you and a "toxic waste" texture for garbage truck. Have a nice rest of day and see ya.



Vice City Module is Open Now! Veronika Kailová | 01.05.2013 22:50

Dear players, visitors and fans,

Recently we have recruited eight new translators. They are an amazing team, and because of their strong effort and enthusiasm we are now proudly opening the next translated module of You can visit an English version of the Vice City module which has been the 7th consecutive translated module in a row. We will gradually be adding translated and proof-read translations. We are also focusing on updating news and downloads for San Andreas, GTA IV and GTA V. So, there will always be new stuff when visiting our pages.


You can find more information about our new translators in the article: Editor’s office. I would like to thank them for doing such a great job. A special thanks goes to: Victor Vlasák, Matěj Daniel, Kája Nodesová, Viktor Karlíček, Martin Mituník, Jan Šilha and Nicolas White. And also a special thanks goes to Alix, who has been helping with proof-reading as well as Cord Thomas.

We are still in need of volunteer proof-readers. If you are a native speaker of English and you would like to help us, please, let us know.


AT-ST Crawler, Veronika Kailová | 01.05.2013 09:09

Greetings, my today’s update is really small. It includes a tank of huge proportions, weird shape. Main gun can turn 360° and of course, it fires. Second model is a excavator with functional front shovel hydraulics. I’m looking forward to seeing you again :)



Nissan Skyline GTS-t, Czech Flag Viktor Karlíček | 30.04.2013 12:01

Hello! This time we’ve got three modifications by our fan, David Hubálek. First one is a nice car model – Nissan Skyline GTS-T, then a Czech flag at the top of Mt. Chilliad. See you next time!

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Hello fans,

we have been looking for volunteers!

If you want to help us with proofreading of our translations (articles, updates and other texts), we will be glad to invite you into our team.

If you are an English native speaker with free time and you are willing to help us, please send us an e-mail.

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