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2 CS - Black Market, Gangwar Veronika Kailová | 02.08.2011 22:37

Hello! We’ve got some new stuff for you to download! Today we bring you 2 CLEO scripts. The first one enables you to spawn few useful things and is called Black Market. And the second one is used to make the gangs make war. That’s all from us for now. CYA!


Gang War

 Translated by Adamisko



Seasparrow Urban Comouflage, Hutner US Army and Antonov! Veronika Kailová | 30.07.2011 22:34

Hi guys! Today we’ve got 2 heli skins and 1 plane model. The first skin is a camouflage skin for the Seasparrow. Then there is an army skin for the Hunter helicopter. And the last thing for now is a nice new model of Antonov An2. CYA!






Translated by Adamisko

2 CS - GTA VC HUD ind SA, Save Car Anywhere and PLANE Veronika Kailová | 28.07.2011 22:30

Hi there! Here we bring you another modifications for download! There are 2 CLEO scripts and a plane. The first script lets you save your car wherever you want by pressing L. Then there is a HUD from Vice City. And the last thing is a nice model of Sukhoi T-50 Pak Fa. Check out our latest updates! CYA!


Translated by: Adamisko

3 CS - 4 Ways how to kill yourself, Town Zone, Cursed bike Veronika Kailová | 26.07.2011 22:27

Hi there! Here we bring you another wave of downloads. This update is made of CLEO scripts. The first one lets you kill yourself in 4 ways (just type TAB + [number 1-4]). Then there is a script, which shows your location under the HUD. And the last one makes the BMXs try to kill you after dark. That was the last thing from us for now. CYA!


Translated by: Adamisko

2 More CS - Master Spark, Jetpack Spawn Veronika Kailová | 24.07.2011 22:26

Hi guys! Today we bring you another CLEO scripts. The first one is a mod, which makes a big laser beam to destroy everything that stands in your way. And the second one makes your way to the jetpack much easier. Just tap 3 and enjoy the flight. Check out our latest updates and CYA!

Translated by: Adamisko

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