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Paintjobs for Elegy and Police Car, Airplane and MORE Veronika Kailová | 29.06.2010 10:46

We've found some new paintjobs for Elagy and Roman Police Cars. They are both mady by Cergina modeller.And because we haven't update a plane for a long, here you are one. 






Cleo Script's Update! Veronika Kailová | 28.06.2010 22:36


  • Car locker - You can lock and unlock a car by L or U keys.
  • Groove goes S.W.A.T. -Adds a chopper to a Mad Dog's villas, there will be a 4 gang members, which will be shoothing to enemy from the flying chopper.
  • Distance Count -This CS counts distance you reached by driving your car. But when you change your car for a new one, the count will reset.
  • Police immune - When you breake the law, police will let you go as you have immune.
  • War - This can switch off a wanted level, adds a weapons to peds and switch on a war mode.


Cleo Scripts, Textures and Weapons Veronika Kailová | 26.06.2010 21:36


  • Bambenek's home -It's a new savehouse next to CJ's house in Groove Street. There is a savepoint, weapons and smoking Ryder.
  • Hydra spawn -This CS will add 5 Hydra Fighters on SF airport.
  • Fire in SF - An abandon Harry's Plumb factory will become burn. Firebrigade and police will have to solve it. 
  • Slowmotion death - It'll slow down death animation.






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