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4 Nissan Cars, Building, clothes Veronika Kailová | 25.06.2010 21:26

Hello, today you can enjoy 4 new Nissan cars. A Silvia Vertex shouldn't be overlooked. 











Another pack of CLEO Scripts Honza Svatoš & Potvora | 22.06.2010 10:30

Everyone willing to modify the stock version of your GTA game should pay more attention now – we’re bringing you a pack of CLEO scripts plus one weapon and a program.
The first CLEO script, called “The Drunk Screen,” allows you to enter “drunk mode” by pressing the F4 key. “Manual Driveby” mod allows you to aim freely when in a car (in fact, you’re using the SMG, but shoot as if with the sawed-off shotgun). The third script is a cheaty one, but you never know when it might come in handy – you can adjust the level of your health bar using the Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down shortcuts.
The weapon section is represented by a classic pen. The software added to this update is a Train Tool, which allows you to edit the number of coaches coupled to a train, their appearance (the coaches can be replaced by the cars, which produces a 5-car train) and several other things.



HUD Icons, Chopper and a CLEO Script Honza Svatoš & Potvora | 21.06.2010 10:30

Two texture packs, one chopper model and a CLEO script are on today’s menu.
First of all there are new BoGT HUD icons, which are meant to replace the weapon icons in GTA IV or BoGT HUD. The same package exists for TLaD game extension. As these modifications are not packed in a single .txd file, you will have to use a Txd Workshop in order to import the bitmaps you want.
Apart from these there is a new FH-27 Morgan chopper model for all fans of the helicopters.
Final modification is the Stats editor – the CLEO script –, which allows you to modify many useful statistics, such as the muscles, body fat, maximum health point, lung capacity, weather, time and plenty of others. This mode can be activated using the TAB+Backspace shortcut, which brings up the modification menu.


New Buses Honza Svatoš & Potvora | 20.06.2010 22:22

Alright, let’s be honest for a while. How many bus models are there for players who hunger for 2+ axle vehicles, 50+ seats and weight exceeding the 10 tons? If you feel the same level disappointment as I do, you might find today’s models inspiring. There’s a normal bus, microbus, and the articulated bus. So, my friends – let’s hop on board!



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