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HK416 + Lamborghini and Maserati sound Veronika Kailová | 29.04.2014 11:26

Hi! In this update you can find a HK416 gun together with sounds for a Lamborghini Aventador and a Maserati GranTurismo S. That is all from me, see you later.



Translated by Ricky

Honda, Sabre and Muay Thai skin Veronika Kailová | 28.04.2014 23:15

I have prepared a Honda S2000 model together with an original Sabre model with new wheels, a paint job and handling. And last but not least, there is a CJ skin after the style of a Thai box fighter, created by the author called Ousvec. See you next time.

Subaru WRX STI 6 Car Veronika Kailová | 28.04.2014 19:57

Hi! Today I only have one modification because I don't have much time. It's a Subaru WRX STI 6 model with a paintjob from Grid. That's all from me for today. Goodbye until the next update.

Translated by Jakub Marek and Alix

MV Agusta Quad, Yamaha Motocycles Veronika Kailová | 27.04.2014 19:03

Hello there! Some time ago, in the guestbook, there was a request for some quad bikes. So here we bring you two models for this outdoor and beach rover. And with those two models, we also bring you a sound modification for the AK47. Enjoy them and look out for more news.

Translated by  Pavel Wallach and Alix

Angel Pine House and two mazes Veronika Kailová | 27.04.2014 11:15

Hi! In this update you can find more CZ/SK modifications by Mlokon. It is a new smaller house in Angel Pine and two mazes located in the water and in San Fierro. That is all from me, see you later.





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