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Interesting Stuff - 20th Part AnhHai | translated by: Kajlin & Colxfile | 14.01.2008

25. Missing sign

Self-explanatory. By the way, a “Lance” notice was left on the ambulance Dave 04


24. Hot bike


I’ve aimed at a bicycle with my thermal bazooka and…  Dave 04


23. Strange fish-hooks

I’ve found some lost fish-hooks in Los Santos. Dave 04


22. Wall

This happened when I was bored. When I went behind that wall, there was fog covering the whole of San Andreas, but when I got back, everything was normal again. Hornex


21. Zombie


Zombie – I killed a pedestrian and he behaved as though nothing had happened! Miroslav Ďurajka


20. Flying truck

I was in Las Venturas and suddenly I saw a flying DFT-30. Achjiri


19. Empty chopper

A police helicopter without a pilot or crew. Milan


18. Flying boxes 

I’ve got into a crane in Las Venturas, wanted to put boxes onto a roof, but they stayed floating in the air! Robocop 1


17. Cars in Ground


Old cars sunk in the ground. P.Koloumek


16. Swimming Ballas

I have started gang war. Something strange happened in the third wave. I had just one member of my gang, but I couldn’t find him. Finally I found him, he fell into water, and didn’t know how to get out of it. So I killed him. B.Jamriška


15. Grass


A driver who “chews” grass. Sandiago Mendoza


14.  Skyscraper from Malaysia


I’m sending you an interesting photo made by my friend. He took it in Malaysia. There is a similar building (the same shape) in Los Santos. Photo was sent by J-man


13. Jizzy Club in real San Francisco


Papája has found out that the Jizzy Club in San Fierro is also found in real-life San Francisco, of course, with a different name.

12. G - Unit Gang


This picture has been sent by J-man


11. Flying tree 


The title is self-explanatory. By the way, this strange tree is near a farm by Blueberry. The name of this place is “Blueberry Acres” :  Branislav Jamriška


10. Interesting thing about time 


There you can learn the time in London, Los Santos and Liberty City, in these photos from Los Santos. Unfortunately they don’t move: Branislav Jamriška


9. Plane BANG-BANG


I was on my way by truck, and suddenly a plane fell down in front of me! Gang Zaibatsu


8. Water


I’ve jumped into a pool in Las Venturas (to find out, if there isn’t a shell), then I crouched down, I was completely under the water and it didn’t notice that I was there!! :-D Robocop 1


7. Fumigated


No comment :-D. Robocop 1


6. Shining stairs


There are shining stairs at railway platform in Los Santos. Thegame.g


5. Wrecker Car

It is possible to connect a plane behind a wrecker car.

4. Troubles with Wheels of DFT-30 Truck


I play GTA on the PS2, so I don’t know if this bug is also in PC version. However you can try it. If you are near a DFT-30 truck, look at back wheels. There is just one wheel on the left side, and two of them on the right side. I am sure there should be one more wheel on the left side. Buky


3. Hydra in BMX ramp


A hydra on a BMX ramp : Hynek Nerad.


2. Chopper on water

I’ve found a chopper by a flying school in the desert. It can land on water, but it isn’t the only one which has floats. Jirka Luža.

1. Braking line in air

I jumped to a roof on my motorbike and I created a skid line in the air: David Danko.




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