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GTA Chinatown Wars (english version)

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PSP Screens Veronika Kailová | 19.10.2009 08:19

We’re sure that GTA-PSP fans will love them! CHTW brings in significant facelifts and its graphical appearance is more then appealing. You can look forward to experiencing improved lighting, graphics, animation, and new story-based missions not previously available on the Nintendo DS.



Rockstar is also about to publish a new application called the Beaterator. As the name implies, this application should provide the PSP gamers with the ability to compose their own beats. See more in the trailer.

GTA: CHTW clip Veronika Kailová | 19.08.2009 22:22



Downloads in Social Club Veronika Kailová | 31.07.2009 22:06

A lot of downloads can be found on the Social Club pages, from Huang pictures, cars, to mobile sounds and more. You can also play the addicting game, Mr. Wong's Laundromat.
For those that have CHTW, it's even better to play this game. As a prize, you can win some clothes for your game.




Translator - Matt

Proof-reader - Alix


Suprisingy Low Sales of GTA:CHTW Veronika Kailová | 30.07.2009 10:10

The game that is called the best game for Nintendo DS is the new GTA Chinatown Wars. With this endorsement, they were expecting more buyers. Experts were counting that the DS is not such a popular consol for gamers and that CHTW won't be the most sold game, like GTA IV was for consoles and PC. They thought that they would sell 400,000 units or worse only 200,000. But the reality is different. In March, in the USA, they sold only 90,000 units. That is much lower that the 6 million units of GTA IV sold in the first week.

Other DS games always sell low when first release but sales increase as time goes on. CHTW will still be sold but no one is used to the low retail sales.



Translator - Matt

Proof-reader - Alix


The Creation of the Official Web Page Veronika Kailová | 29.07.2009 21:00

The official pages of GTA CHTW were added with new wallpapers, icons and more. Continue to the page with this link. I added something from the web to the news section. You will find it in the Maps section and it is a new map of rampage.
On the server Flickr, a new photo appeared with more buildings colored with the GTA theme. Nice billboards, eh?

In the next video you can watch the gameplay from the game. The atmosphere will definitely draw you in.



Translator - Matt

Proof-reader - Alix


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