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GTA Chinatown Wars (english version)

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About Police in Chinatown Wars Michal Hnilica | translated by: Potvora & Alix | 19.07.2009

When compared to other published GTA games, Chinatown Wars makes no difference about the police officers; law enforcement all dress in blue LCPD uniforms. Although the maximum number of stars is still 6 (same as in other GTAs), the different DS control makes it easier for you to shake off the police – see below.


How do I shake off the police?

It’s never been easier – just ram them and make them crash into any of the objects around – e.g. the poles, other cars etc. One hit and their ride is over. Sure there’s a catch to it – you need to hit as many police cars as the number of police stars you have. I’ll give you an example: two stars equal ramming two police cars to get rid of one star. Isn’t that brilliant?

Stars summary:

Wanted level: 1 star
Cars to ram: 1 
Description: Initial heat level. Only one police car chases you.

Wanted level: 2 stars
Cars to ram: 2 
Description: Same as 1 star, more police casr start chasing you.

Wanted level: 3 stars
Cars to ram: 3 
Description: SWAT gets in the game, including the chopper.

Wanted level: 4 stars
Cars to ram: 4 
Description: SWAT strikes again.

Wanted level: 5 stars
Cars to ram: 5 
Description: FBI guys enter the scene.
Wanted level: 6 stars
Cars to ram: 6 
Description : - Army and/or enhanced FBI teams start spawning everywhere.
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