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Achievements Jaromír Miko | translated by: Potvora & Alix | 20.04.2010

Similar to GTA IV (including its extension disks) there are the achievements (called trophies) in ChinaTown Wars too. These trophies have no point value. Here’s the list of all eight achievements including the information of how to get them:


Golden Binoculars

Awarded by: Lost Brotherhood of Junk and Skunk

Mission: Find 40 drug dealers



Jeweled Bong

Awarded by: Righteous Rasta Brotherhood of Bling

Mission: Deal in both weed and acid



Titanium Briefcase

Awarded by: Lost Brotherhood of Junk and Skunk

Mission: Find 80 drug dealers



Jeweled Key to the City

Awarded by: The glorious Council of Headmen

Mission: Obtain all safe houses



Diamond Pill Box

Awarded by: Dance, Dance, Dance Council of Hardcore Mentalists

Mission: Deal in both downers and ecstasy



Silver Safe

Awarded by: The most honorable Fut Tze and Dau Jonz Tongs

Mission:  Make $2000 profit in one deal.



Wooden Spoon

Awarded by: The ill favoured Wan Kee Tong

Mission: Lose $500 in one deal



Platinum Syringe

Awarded by: Agency of Centered Intelligence

Mission: Deal in both coke and heroin





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