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GTA Chinatown Wars (english version)

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Michal Hnilica | translated by: Ray Hoffman & Alix | 02.07.2009

How many missions are there in the game?
Exactly 75. And 58 story missions.

When does the story of GTA CHTW take place?
It´s shown in one of the first cutscenes. Year 2009.

Are there any helicopters in the game?
Yes, but there aren’t any you can fly.

Are there any average people like there are in GTA IV?
Yes, there are.

Can I call Taxi in the game?
Yes, by holding X. Or just whistle into the Nintendo DS microphone.

Where does GTA CHTW take place?
In the new Liberty City (GTA IV´s city), but the GTA IV city isn´t complete, the last island is missing. This one is complete.

Will you meet any characters from the other GTA games?

Who´s the main character and where does he come from?
Huang Lee from HongKong.





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