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Guardian Lions DLC Jaromír Miko | translated by: Potvora & Alix | 24.04.2010


1. Getting the Guardian Lions DLC

Rockstar Games has released new DS/PSP downloadable content (DLC) called Guardian Lions through its Social Club pages. Getting it won’t be as easy as acquiring the GTA IV downloadable episodes for Xbox360, though.


Accessing the package

First step is to synchronize your stats with the RGSC. You also need to have the Salt in the Wound mission (at the minimum) of a main storyline finished.


What’s next?

You must have noticed the blue swirls all over the town when playing the Chinatown Wars. There are twenty of them all over the Liberty City. Two of them shall reveal the lion statues (called the “Lions of Fu”) after finishing the main storyline. Unlike the other pickups none of these spots appear on a GPS display, hence it’s highly recommended to mark these spots on a map and add them to your Favorites (the blue star worked for me the best to make sure I can identify them easily). This hunt for the blue spots can take you some time (took me two hours to find both of the statues). You should receive an email from Xin Shana after acquiring both statues. Now you’re ready to download new missions to your PSP from the Social Club.


Recognizing the statue

The statue is very easily recognizable. It’s a golden statue about 10 feet tall. When getting closer to it, sort of a blue cyclone starts swirling around it.


2. The Characters

Huang Lee meets only one new character in this short DLC.


Xin Shan:


Xin Shan is the only person assigning the missions to Huang Lee in this downloadable content. Xin hates the police and is a brother of Ling Shan (you met her in the beginning of a main storyline).


3. Mission walkthrough

1. Deadly Xin

This mission starts with a cut-scene (witnessing Xin almost killing Huang with a shotgun). Go steal the Rhino tank and acquire the Wanted Level 3 before 2:15 am. Keep your heat until you receive Xin’s message. Try not to wreck the tank! Drop the tank in a water once you receive another message from Xin.


2. Xin Of The Father

You can see bloodied Xin on the back seat of his Cognoscenti. Lose the cops (Wanted Level 4) and drive Xin to an alley behind Uncle Kenny’s restaurant. Huang and Xin have a row, after which Xin dies because of a massive blood loss. Interesting thing is, that Xin dies at the very same place as his sister Ling. And that’s the end of the Guardian Lions.


Tip: The Police is easy to get rid of once you get the grip. I could lose the Wanted Level 4 in less than one minute.


3. Lion statues locations (NEW!)





screenshot of day

Screenshot dne


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