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GTA Chinatown Wars (english version)

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Main Characters Mira | translated by: Matt & Alix | 22.05.2009

Huang Lee

Huang Lee is the main hero of Chinatown Wars. He is from a rich family from Hong Kong. His father is the leader of the Triads but he is murdered. So Huang is called to Liberty City, where he needs to take care of some stuff about his legacy, the Yu Jian sword, which he needs to give to his uncle. But it wouldn’t be Liberty City if people didn’t try to kill him right after his arrival. Huang Lee will have to steal lots of cars and cut lots of ignition wires so he can get to the rotten core of Liberty City, destroy the enemies, bring back the sword, and avenge the his father’s murder. When he does all of this he will be able to look inside himself. Do you want to know what he finds out?
Ling is a streetwalker. Her beauty hides her deadly skills. She is a master of martial arts and hand weapons. She works for uncle Kenny, like the gunsmith. Ling teaches Huang new fighting skills which he will need to survive in Liberty City.

Wu "Kenny" Lee
Uncle Kenny is the new leader of the Triads. He is from the old school: he likes old clothes, he pays in cash, etc.
Zhou Ming
Zhou is a new member of the Triads. He is the black horse when competing against Hsin Jaoming.  As a brave egoist and sociopath, Zhou is dangerous with the strength in his mind and the blood on his arms.
Rudy D´Avanzo
A gangster from Italy. He does business with Huang so he can get to the person that betrayed him.
Hsin a  Chan Jaoming




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