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PDA Martin Dimitrov | translated by: Potvora & Alix | 11.10.2010

PDA (acronym for the Personal Digital Assistant) represents the very cornerstone of the GTA gameplay. Not only does it represent a big part of the game (e-mails, contacts), but also provides the in-game menu. Your PDA also keeps you informed about the day and time

(see the screens below).

GPS: The GPS section provides very similar functionality to the GTA IV positioning system. Just mark any spot on the map and GPS highlights the route (find more information here).

Brief: This option is very useful especially when on a mission as it allows you to read the instructions related to your task in progress.

Email: This section keeps track of all your incoming e-mails (the alternative to text messages as introduced by GTA IV). Your mailbox contains the filter allowing you to retrieve any old e-mail with ease.

Contacts: The contact list contains the name of all the people and contacts you’ve met and have “made your friends” (read “worked for them”). Each contact is defined not only by the name and surname, but also the e-mail, phone number, address, and age.

Stats: This classic part of any GTA game allows you to sift through the statistics related to your playing (overall game progress and plenty of other numbers describing any more-or-less meaningful aspect).

Multiplayer: This option allows you to play the game in a multiplayer mode (find more information here).

System: This menu contains the options for setting the game, starting a new game, loading and deleting any saved games (there are only two save slots – one automatic and one custom).

Music player: If you ever happen to be short of fresh new music, just enter this option and listen to any LC radio there is.

Trade info: This section lists all the information related in any way to drug dealing, including the inventory, statistics, profits/losses, and dealers and traffickers map.

Ammu-nation: This option allows you to purchase new weapons (find more information here).

There are also several quick access buttons at the bottom of the screen allowing you to jump straight into the mission, e-mails and statistics.





screenshot of day

Screenshot dne


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