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About Story Petr Zelenka | translated by: Rainmaker & Colxfile | 09.02.2009

Our protagonist Nico Bellic – originally from Eastern Europe – arrives in Liberty City to "Live the American Life". His cousin Roman has convinced him to come over, boasting that he lives a wonderful life, owns plenty of cars and is having great fun with local ladies. But the truth is that Roman is drowning in debt and is having trouble with the Mafia. The only money coming in is from his Taxi business in Bohan, which isn‘t going well anyway.

But Nico isn’t just here because of his cousin: he has some other business to attend to. He is looking for someone who betrayed him and his army crew some years ago. But this is the part of story that will unfold while playing GTA IV.

This story is not connected to any of previous GTA franchise titles. It has its own well-written script, which isn’t devoid of plot twists, love, friendship and even betrayal. You aren‘t supposed to rule the city: you have to survive.



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