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Adding cars by the Spark IV Redakce | translated by: Kajlin & Alix | 11.10.2010

Adding cars by the Spark IV

By our reader : Besanek


1) Let’s download a car to your desktop to start. I chose a Rancher Monster Truck.

2) Unpack the car now.

3) We now have several files. (picture no 1)

4) One of those files is a handling.dat file. Open it with Notepad.

5) Copy the line with the car name, we will be replacing. This car has a wft extension. (picture no 2)

6) Go to a common/data game folder and check if the handling.dat file is editable. Right-click it and select Properties. Make sure the Read-only checkbox isn’t selected. (picture no 3).  


7) Find a line with your car name and replace it with the thing we copied in the 5th step and save the file.

8) Repeat steps 4-7 with the vehicles.ide file.

9) Download a Spark IV program now.

10) When the program is unpacked, switch on the sarkiv.exe

11) Click the Browse option (1) and find models/cdimages/vehicles.img and select the EDIT (2) icon to import your car. Click to rebuild (4) and save (3). Numbers are from the following picture, number 4.




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