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Ammu Nation Tomáš Rezler | translated by: Kajlin & Alix | 25.06.2009

This is a really important shop. It was already in San Andreas with the only difference beinh that there were more of them. Here you can meet the mafiosos buying weapons in only three shops. The variety of weapons available for purchase is the same, but their price, compared to San Andreas, has increased. But you’ll find that out on your own :-). If you don’t know location of shops, look at a map. They are the three red circles.
Find here:

Pistol - $600                                                                                                                      

Desert Eagle - $1500

Shot gun:
Pumping shot gun - $1200
Fighting shot gun - $2500

Grenades - $1000

Protective Clothing:
Armor - $500
SMG - $2500
Rifle - $6000
Sniper gun - $8500
AK-47 - $3500
M4 - $5000

down town ammu-nation

This is the first shop you can go in. It is in Downtown on Dillon Street. If you are only driving around it, you will probably not notice it. The entrance is on a side street.

china town ammu-nation



The second shop is located in Chinatown on Bismarck Ave. This one is more visible, and its entrance is on the main street.

port tudor ammu-nation

This Ammu-Nation is in its own building in Port Tudor on Odhner Ave. You can enter the shop like the first one – from a side street.



screenshot of day

Screenshot dne
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