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BoxArt Editor's Office & Petr Zelenka | translated by: Gyfis & Carl Caas | 13.02.2009

We are bringing you some details from a boxart. The whole editor’s office of the, members of the Scorpion’s team, NFS headquarters and another external group were working together to bring you this article about interesting stuff of the BoxArt. We give THANKS for all perceptions. And there is lot about this...

Details about (and on) characters
Other details

Helicopter (left up)

  • The pilot has headphones  
  • Probably Niko is shooting from the helicopter with an AK-47, and he is leaning on the skid of it.
  • The Empire State Building is in the background
  • You can see a water tower, which seems to be the same as in picture with a car and with a sniper

Niko (middle up)

  • Niko has cued an eyebrow, hard to say by what
  • An angry face


Motorcycle (right up)

  • In the game will appear “NGR 900RR” motorcycle
  • The Person on the motorcycle has a helmet. The presence of helmets was confirmed in a preview and the 2nd trailer
  • Graffiti on the railway bridge up to the motorcycle, OB“ letters and indefinable beyond the front glass of the motorcycle
  • The grass is growing around crash barriers.
  • The belt of the person is flailing in the air.


Lola (under the helicopter)

  • Classic artwork of Lola with a lollipop
  • Lola has long nails
  • There is some man behind her. KenR thinks it’s an older version of Mitch Baker.


Sniper (under Niko and the motorcycle)

  • The sniper gun has a pedestal
  • The sniper has a moustache, but it could also be a shadow
  • There is the water tower behind the sniper. It is on the picture with cars and the helicopter too
  • It is a G3 SG/1 or PGM 2 sniper gun


Man with mobile phone (under Lola)

  • It looks like the guy with a mobile phone is leaning on a railing
  • Man has distinct wrinkles on his face and thinning hair, we guess his age could be at about 40 years.
  • He has an unhooked purple shirt, and at the middle, you can see piles there xD
  • There is a house with a big graffiti, maybe 3 or 4 floors high.
  • There is a skyscraper in the background.


Funicular (under the sniper)

  • It looks like there is fighting or like they kicked out somebody
  • The bridge is rust stained somewhere 


Little Jacob (

under the sniper


  • The lamps and lights are lighting on the bridge
  • Little Jacob has interesting sunglasses and ear-rings


Car (left down)

  • A license number mark of the red car is horizontally flipped over, it’s the exact copy of the license number of the New York state
  • It looks like there is a half-open window on the red car
  • The red car is dirty, same as in San Andreas
  • Niko has an angry face
  • Police car is NYPD Impala Chevrolet
  • Police car has flashers even behind the mask
  • Police car is making sparks when it touched the red car
  • One of the police guys has a moustache
  • There is some rubbish in the scene
  • There are two water towers in the background. There is a water tower on the picture with helicopter and sniper too
  • There is graffiti on the water tank in the background
  • The Empire State Building is in the background
  • The bridge in the background is evidently the same as in the scene with motorcycle



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Screenshot dne
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