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Cell Phone Petr Zelenka & Michal Kovařík | translated by: Peter Šabík & Carl Caas | 21.02.2009


  • Calling other NPC’s
  • Sending and receiving messages from other NPC’s
  • Taking pictures and sending them
  • Some missions will be given by phone so you won‘t have to travel through the entire city; pretty annoyiong if the mission is a failure...
  • You also lunch the muliplayer and Videoeditor by phone
  • Organizator
  • You can change your ring tone and wallpaper when you get a newer phone
  • Camera

Nano 360 

Nano 360 is the mobile phone, which you might have seen in the advertisements in the Trailer No.2



Mobile phone network



  • Niko will be able to coordinate and talk to other NPC’s with the phone, even during a mission when you need help.
  • The people in the game don’t only use phones but also street phones and phone booths.
  • The walkers will stop cabs and will call them by phone.
  • The phone is going to have other  important functions. For example, you will call a meeting with your girlfriend or a person who will give you missions with it.



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