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Cheats Editor's Office | translated by: Kajlin | 17.01.2009

Cheats are possible to enter by a mobile phone.


 Description of cheat

4825550100100% live
3625550100100% ammo
4865550100Basketball bat, hand weapon, shot gun, MP5, M4, Sniper, RPG, grenades
4865550150Knife,Molotov's coctail, hand weapon, shot gun, Uzi, AK47, Sniper, RPG
2675550100Police will stop chase you
2675550150Add one wanted level
Change weather and lightness
3595550100Call Annihilator (chopper)
9385550100Call Jetmax (ship
6255550100Call NRG-900 (motorbike)
6255550150Call Sanchez (motorbike)
2275550100Call FIB Buffalo (car - van)
2275550175Call Comet (car)
2275550147Call Turismo (car)
2275550142Call Cognoscenti (car)
2275550168Call SuperGT (car)



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