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Creation of Modifications Tomáš Rezler | translated by: Akai & Alix | 02.11.2013

If you ever wanted to create modifications yourself and not just to use those created by others, this article is for you. Here is how you do so:
What is needed to create modifications:
  • Spark IV or Open IV or some other program which can work with .wtd files.
  • An image editor like Adobe Photoshop or free GIMP.
Now let’s create a modification and add it into the game as an example. We are going to create an animated Google background on your mobile phone. We’ll do it in four simple steps:
  • Creation (image, background, and animation)
  • Insertion and Backup
  • Replacement
  • Trial

1) Creation

a) Image
We need the Google logo, so let’s download it from here and save it wherever you’d like on your PC. The size of the image doesn’t matter; Spark IV resizes it anyway. Note: The image has to be in .png format
b) Background
The Google logo works with a white background, so create one with 128x128 pixels and again – save it wherever on your PC.
c) Animation
To animate the picture– or have dots and other things behind it, we’ll have to create them as well. As you can see in the example, there are some dots, but you can do it to your preference.





2) Insertion and Backup

a) Backup
Each time before replacing or rewriting any file, it is best to have a backup of it – that way there’s no need to find the original file or to reinstall the game.
Let’s make a “phone3d_hq_privat0.wtd” backup (default C:Program FilesRockstar GamesGrand Theft Auto IVpcdatacdimagesscripttxds). Start Spark IV and click on the “Open” icon above (see the first screen). Find the “scripttxds” file (as described above) and open it. Find the “phone3d_hq_privat0.wtd” file, select it and click on the “Export” icon above (see the second screen). Now just choose where you want to save the backup.
b) Insertion
Now let’s insert our modification. In Spark IV, select the "phone3d_hq_private0.wtd" file again and click on the “Edit” button above (see the first screen). Here you can see three images – logo, animated, and background. Click on the “Whiz” logo image and click on the “Import Texture” button. Now find where you put the images and insert the Google logo. Then just do the same with animated and background images.

3) Replacement

All we need to do now is save the file – click on the “Save and close” icon and then on the “Save” button above.

4) Trial

We’re almost done. Now just check to see if the modification works. If you read this article carefully and made it step by step, it should work. Like this:
If you created some modification you would like to share with others, just send it to us and we will post it here straight away and you will be, of course, credited.



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