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Easter Eggs Petr Zelenka | translated by: Matt & Alix | 13.02.2009

Liberty City is full of Easter eggs, just like its famous predecessors.  They are mostly references to society, New York, other GTA games, politics, and even the creator of the game.  It is possible that, with time, we will discover more Easter Eggs.


The Heart of Liberty City

Probably the most famous Easter egg in the game is located in the Statue of Happiness, which is only accessible by helicopter.  At the entrance of the room with the ladder, which you will use to climb to the heart, a plaque that reads “No Hidden Content this way” welcomes you.  If you climb up the ladder, you will see the giant, beating “Heart of Liberty City” suspended by chains.

 Screenshots by our reader Machy


Situated a little bit away from the airport, it’s the only stroller in GTA ever.  We think it is clearly an allusion by rockstar that there were never kids in GTA.  The only exception is in Vice City Stories, where a baby appeared in a couple of cutscenes.



On one wall in the city, there is a reference to GTA III – the official artwork of El Burro, 8 Ball, and other characters from the “old” Liberty City.



At the first safe house in the game, you can find names such as “Tommy”, “Claude”, and “Victor” scrawled by the door, which are names of protagonists from previous games.



Try to catch on CNT TV a fun show called “I’m Rich!”.  You’ll see CJ from San Andreas jumping with a parachute and a short report about Bullyworth Academy, a school from the Rockstar game “Bully” (in Europe, the game is known as “Canis Canem Edit”).  On the television, you can also watch a trailer for “Rednecks Live!”, a direct transmission of races in San Andreas.


Little Lacy Surprise

If you played Vice City Stories, you surely remember the perverse ads on the radio about sexy underwear for children.  In GTA IV, if you visit on the Internet, you will get a warning from the police: “We See It All.  We Know It All.”


Claude’s Clothes

Sometime in the middle of the game, you will get access to the safe house owned by Playboy X.  If you look through the closet, you will see a suit that is very similar to the one worn by the non talkative hero from GTA III.



On Firefly Island, you can visit a mini golf course.  You won’t play golf, but you can look at the miniatures of well-known buildings from previous GTA games, like the Ocean View Hotel from Vice City, the giant advertising chicken from San Andreas, Watts Towers from Los Santos, and the lighthouse from the original Liberty City.  Next to the course, there are windmills in the style of San Andreas.

At this long internet address, you will find a lot of useful tips, like where unique jumps, pigeons, and health packs are located in Liberty City.  Normally, you will learn about these maps at the end of the story missions—in reality, you can know ahead of time.  However, would you cheat on all of your achievements?



It’s hard to tell why Rockstar likes this number.  Previously, 69 appeared as the number of the pier in the mission “Pier 69”, where you need to kill Ryder, or as Area 69.  And we remember GTA: London ’69.  In GTA IV, the Rockstar tradition is represented by the restaurant “69th Street Diner”.

The number 69 also appears on every fire truck. (Honza)




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