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Editor's Office Veronika Kailová | 16.01.2009

Team leader


Veronika Svatošová – (general editor, translator, contact person
coordination of translators and the proof-reading team, contact person for the English version, translating.
Home/ birthday – Prague (Czech Republic); 27. 5. 1987
Please, send all your questions to my e-mail. Thank you in advance.
Honza Svatoš (administrator, the project boss)
The editing system, the team coordination, map of pigions, help and support with translating and setting up the English version!

Home/ birthday – Prague (Czech Republic); 15. 11. 1978




Ricky (translator)

Home/Birthday -  Proseč (Czech Republic); 31.12.1993
Member of the team since 16.7.2013

Jan Trenčánský aka J (translator)

Home - Czech Republic
Member of the team since 24.7.2013

Filip Mik (translator)

Home/Birthday - Liptovský Mikuláš (Slovakia); 18.11.1996
Member of the team since 29.12.2013

Kája Nodesová aka Nody (translator)

Home/Birthday -Ústecký region (Czech Republic); 20. 5.
Member of the team since14.4.2013

Jakub Marek (translator)


FivE (translator)

Member of the team since 7.1.2014


Adam Krása (translator)


Alix Augustine – (proof-reader)
Checking and proof-reading a lot of texts, news. The bulk of the articles in the “about game” section.
Home/birthday – Kansas City, KS (USA); 12. 5. 1986
Member of team since: 22. 7. 2007

Inactive Translators and proof-readers


Viktor Karlíček aka Akai (translator)

Martin Waldecker aka Waldo

Jan Šilha (translator)

Adam "adamiskos" Slaboch  

Laďa P. Valík aka "Potvora"  

Marek Motyčka (translator) 

Petr Merkl aka "PetrkL" (translator)

Adam "amozoneSK" Májsky (translator) 

Colxfile (proof-reader) 

Paul Giaccone (proof-reader) 

Martin "Bli22ard" Soukup (translator)

Vojto/Ray Hoffman (translator)  

Matouš "Matt" Bowyer (translator) 

Martin Pešek aka "Keshos"  (translator) 

Tomáš Hošek aka Tommy (translator)  

Filip Kafroň aka Kofi (translator) 

Tomáš Lehocký  (translator) 

Matěj Daniel (translator)

Michal "MousE" Habel (translator)

Martin Mituník (translator)

Carl Caas (proof-reader

Dan "Vybo" Vybíral (translator) 

Adam  (proof-reader)

Vojtěch "Rainmaker" Roztočil (translator)
Daniel "Czip" (translator)
Peter "Zionom" Šabík (translator)
Jan Hůda (translator)
Tomáš "Gyfis" Hromada (translator)

Victor Vlasák aka VVlasy (translator)

Martin "Flame" Kapal (translator) 

Jáchym  (translator)





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Hello fans,

we have been looking for volunteers!

If you want to help us with proofreading of our translations (articles, updates and other texts), we will be glad to invite you into our team.

If you are an English native speaker with free time and you are willing to help us, please send us an e-mail.

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