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Food and drink Petr Zelenka & Michal Kovařík | translated by: Martin Kapal & Alix | 17.02.2009

Just like in San Andreas, in GTA IV, there's food. The main purpose of pubs is different, we will meet friends here, eat, drink, puke... Not only that but if you get drunk, the journey from the pub can turn into a nightmare.


Restaurants and Pubs

69th Street

This restaurant, or rather fast food joint, opens in the evening and is open all night but you can go there anytime. The building is on 69th Street (Rockstar is hooked on no. 69). The restaurant is near your house.

Steinway Beer Garden

A pub with all the stuff, beer and darts. You can play darts as a minigame.



Joint on Hove Beach belonging to Vlado, who's been there for ages.


Lucky Winkles



Coffee houses

TW@ Café

You won't drink here much but you will surf the internet. When you enter, the staff will ask you to have a cup of tea.



Superstar Café

Classic coffee lounge. According to our information, there will be couple of minigames.



Bean Machine

Coffee house with a huge variety of drinks.




Homebrew Café

There is Little Jacob's smoky pub at the corner of Tutelo Ave and Brokerske, on the Dukes highway, where you'll take your character later after several missions.



Fast Foods  - Buildings

Cluckin' Bell

Known fast food restaurant from San Andreas, it has chicken to order. Let's hope we will experience  good advertising on the radio as you could hear in SA.



Burger Shot

Restaurant with hamburgers, known again from San Andreas. You may remember the "hamburger" hats on the employees.


Fast Foody - Booths


Booth with sausages.

Chihuahua Hotdogs

Hotdogs with ketchup or mustard. The logo is... Hot dog.





Light lager. You can drink it in almost every pub and there were ads for it in San Andreas.



Relatively well-known and favourite beer, you can find it in every pub or a nightclub.


Next most-popular beer, you won't miss it in any club.


Fa di dreaded bredren

Next most-famous beer, you can find it in every pub.



Das Ist Gut Ja! Let It Pour...Dusche Gold. - Slogan of one of the beers in GTA IV.



Sweet lemon drink in a green bottle, fake Sprite. Billboards are almost eveywhere, as well as soda machines and places to buy it. Sprunk is known from previous series.



Well-known drink, there are lots of machines with it in the city, where you can buy a cold can of Ecola. It is at the hotdogs booths.




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