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Game Walkthrough - 1st Part M. Biarinec | translated by: Rainmaker & Alix | 15.03.2009

A) 1st part - Broker

1. The Cousins Bellic

For: Roman
Reward: 25$
Archievement : Off the Boat - 5G
Niko Bellic is an immigrant from Serbia. He comes to Liberty City because his cousin Roman Bellic promises him cars, villas, women, etc. Niko really believed that Roman lives the American Dream – but after his arrival, soon realizes that the reality is far from what Roman told him.
The intro shows that Roman comes to pick up Niko, but since he is drunk you have to drive him home.
The mission is simple – drive him home to his “villa” using the GPS (yellow line on the map).Then follows another cut scene. Roman is really glad that Niko arrives, but what they believe constitutes the phrase “American Dream” differs quite a lot. After this cut scene, you will find out how to do the most basic things, such as where to save the game and where to park your cars.

2. It's Your Call

Reward: 30$

In the cut scene, Roman introduces his girlfriend, Mallorie, to Niko and he also meets Vlad Glebov, to whom Roman owes money. You then drive Roman to the hardware store, where Roman tries to win some money. Roman also gives you his old cell phone so that you can warn him when the Albanians come to extort the money that Roman owes them.
 The Albanians come in a beige Willard and you warn Roman. Roman comes and you have to guide him to a depot. Get rid of the Albanians and guide Roman to where he wants to go.

 3. Three's A Crowd


After some time following the previous mission, you get your first SMS message. It is from Roman who writes that he needs help. Therefore you must drive to the taxi depot and when you do so, another cut scene begins. In this scene, the Albanians chase Roman and finally get hold of him. They break Roman’s monitor. When Niko arrives, he breaks Dardan’s (one of the Albanians) arm. The Albanians run away. Then Mallorie calls Roman and since he cannot leave, he sends Niko.
Take Roman’s taxi and drive to Mallorie and her friend Michelle. When you get to their house, use the horn. On the way to Niko, Mallorie tries to persuade Michelle to give her phone number to Niko and she eventually does so. Now you can arrange a date.

 4. First date


There is a short cut scene about friends. If you behave nicely to them they always provide you with some useful service or item, like cheap guns, guard, etc.
Take Michelle to the fairground. However, since the fairground is closed, take her for a game of bowling. Then play a game (of course you – a gentleman – let Michelle win :P)
This will introduce you to a new mini-game in the game. Then you drive Michelle back home.

 5. Bleed Out

Reward: 50$

The Albanians get hold of Roman again and so he needs help. Drive to him and beat up the two Albanians. The third, Dardan, runs away. Chase him with Roman and if you don’t get him don’t worry, he stops in the nearby old Twitchins Sugar Factory and you can kill him there. Then drive Roman back to the depot.

 6. Easy Fare


Vlad waits in the depot to get his money and while Roman is away, he tries to persuade Mallorie to break up with Roman. Then Niko and Roman arrive and promise Vlad that he will get his money back and tells him about how Niko saved him from the Albanians. Vlad tells Roman that until he returns the money, Niko will work for him (Vlad).
Roman sends you for a friend, Jermain. Drive to Rotterdam Hill to pick him up. Take Jermain to Masterson Street. Stop on the yellow sign and suddenly the cops arrive. Get rid of hledanosti and drive Jermain to Gipson Street where he shows you the Pay’n’Spray.

 7. Bull in China Shop


At some point during the game, Vlad calls you that he wants to meet you in the Comrades Bar. This bar is right across from your safe house. In the cut scene, Vlad is angry because some old Chinese person doesn’t want to pay him. Vlad doesn’t want to kill him, only terrify him. Drive to Camden Avenue and the Chinese person will send you away. Go get a brick and break his shop window. When he pays you, give the money to Vlad.
After the misson, Vlad sends you an SMS message to tell you he has another job for you.

 8. Hung Out to Dry


In the cut scene, Vlad calls Mallorie and Niko warns him to keep away from her. Vlad wants more money so drive to the laundry on Masterson Street. When you get there a man throws a basket at you and runs away. Follow him and keep on crashing into his car until he stops and pays.
Then you receive another call from Vlado telling you he has another job for you.

 9. Clean Getaway

Reward: 200$

In the cut scene, Vlad is still angry at Roman because he hasn’t given him the promised money yet. Vlad needs to get one car parked in Dukes. Take the silver blist and drive to the wash-stand and then to garage.

 10. Ivan the Not So Terrible

Reward: 200$

Vlad needs to kill a guy named Ivan (instructed by his boss Mikhail). Follow Ivan who will try to escape you. You get him on the roof and you now have the first decision to make: kill him or help him. If you don’t kill him, you meet him in LC as one of the random figures.

 11. Jamaican Heat


Roman again wants Niko to drive his friend, Little Jacob, to Oneida Avenue. When you pick him up, you get a gun to guard him. When you get to the desired place, go to the yellow mark and wait until the gangsters start to shoot at Jacob. Kill them. Also make sure to be careful about what is on the roof to the left. Then drive Jacob to his bar and the mission is completed.
Then you get a call from Roman that if you need money, you can call him and he will give you some jobs.
Little Jacob also phones you that he has another job for you. He is your friend and so you must try to keep good relationship with him. As a reward, he provides you with guns that he will drive to any place you want.

 12. Uncle Vlad

Reward: Achievement for 5G - Fed The Fish
In the introductory cutscene, Roman tells you that Vlad hangs around too much with Mallorie and he doesn't want to lose her. Get to the Comrades Bar. Knock off Vlad's bodyguards and chase him in your car. He crashes and tries to escape on foot. Follow him and you will see a cutscene in which you will kill him. There Niko reveals the first glimpse from his life when he and his unit were betrayed.

 13.Concrete Jungle

Little Jacob

Jacob asks you to drive him to Willis. Get to the marker. Jacob will call you to take down the guys who try to escape the facility. Kill all of them. Drive Jacob to the house full of gangsters. Get to the marker and then kill all of the gangsters inside. You will find a first-aid kit box inside. Take Jacob back to Homebrew Café.

 14. Crime and Punishment

Reward: 200$

Roman is hiding in the trash container. Niko still takes it easy but all of a sudden he is knocked out by an AK-47 butt.
You wake up bound in a cellar. There you meet new characters - Andrei and Dimitri. Andrei yells so Mikhail Faustin comes down and kills him, Andrei. You are forced to work for Faustin or he will kill you.
In front of the house turn left and wait by the damaged wall until a policeman arrives. Let him leave and get in the car. Niko calls Dimitri, about the fact that he has a police car. You have to find a van carrying televisions. One by one check all of them until you find the right one and drive it safely to the garage on Concord Avenue. Be aware that the driver of the van will try to kill you.

 15. Do You Have Protection?

Reward: +$400

Mikhail snorts some coke and yells at Dimitri. After the cutscene, drive Dimitri to the sex shop on Delware Avenue. Some guy in there works in the porn industry, but doesn't pay taxes to Mikhail so he wants him dead. Dimitri doesn't like the way Faustin wants to solve this problem and wants you to scare him, not to kill him. Get in and shoot the actor's leg. Leave the porn shop and Dimitri will take you to Dillon street where he will buy you some Micro-SMG. Take Dimitri back home.

Little Jacob will message you that he wants to talk.

 16. Final Destination

Reward: 500$

Faustin's gang is in trouble and the police tap his phone calls because he runs his business in an obvious way. He wants you to knock off Lenny, his cousin.
Get to Guantonamo Avenue in south Bohan. Kill Lenny's accomplice and Lenny will try to escape. Chase him down and kill him. Then Dimitri gives you a call and tells you that you just killed the son of Ken Petrovic, a formidable man.
Roman wants to meet you in the depot to introduce you to someone.

 17. No Love Lost

Reward: 600$

Get to the marker and the biker will try to escape immediately. Get on the motorbike and kill him as soon as possible (immediately or his friends will join him later on the highway).

 18. Shadow

Little Jacob
Reward: 250$

You meet Badman in the cutscene, who lives with Jacob. He will let you in. Find a dealer in south Bohan on Wallkil Avenue. Follow the dealer to his apartment. Break the lock and kill everyone in the room.
Jacob phones you that he has a special job for you.

 19. Logging On


Roman introduces you to Brucie - a big-headed and brawny guy. He is Roman's friend. Go to the TW@ café on Oneida Avenue and go through the instructions to learn how to work the PC.

Roman will phone you that Brucie has some jobs for you.

 20. Rigged to Blow

Reward: 700$

Get the van and Mikhail will phone you that it's filled with explosives. Drive carefully ! Park it in the garage in Bohan and get away. Enjoy the awesome explosion and slip away secretly.
Dimitri will text you that he wants to talk with you.

 21.The Master and the Molotov

Dimitri thinks that Mikhail is in real trouble because of Petrovic's son. He asks you to kill Mikhail or he will die.
Get to his Perestrojka club. You will have a talk and then he will try to escape. Follow him onto the roof and kill all of the guards on the way. Finally kill Mikhail.

Little Jacob warns you against the Russians and offers you his help.

 22. Russian Revolution


Dimitri invites you to the seaport, where you should pick up your cash for killing Faustin. Jacob will be there to help you if something goes wrong. In the cutscene, we can watch another part of Niko's previous life episode when he smuggled drugs to Italy and there also is one of his old friends - Bulgarin.  After the cutscene, kill everyone in the facility (except Jacob, of course). Then get rid of your wanted level and drive Jacob back to his bar.
After all that Niko calls Roman and he whispers that wants you to visit him.


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