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Game Walkthrough - 2nd Part M. Biarinec | translated by: Rainmaker & Colxfile | 02.03.2009

B) 2nd part - Bohan

23. Roman´s Sorrow

You're looking for Roman: he‘s hiding in trunk of his taxicab. Little Jacob warned you that Dimitri and the Russians are dangerous so you have to pack up. Roman and you arrive at Broker‘s apartment, but when you arrive, you find that it's on fire. Then you go to visit Roman's Taxi business, which is also ablaze. As Roman watches all this, sorrow clouds his eyes. You drive Roman to his girlfriend Mallorie, who lets you stay in her flat located in Bohan...

 24. Escuela of the streets

Manny Escuela
Reward: 1,000$
You meet Manny - real gangsta, who lives just around the corner near Mallorie's flat. You‘re just gonna watch some dealer covertly until he enters the storehouse. Then you‘ll bring down a few guys and that's it. You’ll be rewarded, of course.

 25. Street sweeper

In this mission Niko meets Francis - the guy making that movie with Manny. The job is quite simple - go and bring down some fellas hanging around the garage. Some of them will try to escape, but a few bullets will solve that problem.

Then Mallorie gives you a call, wanting you to get to know her friend - Elizabeth .

26. Search and Delete

Reward: 3,500$

Brucie wants to get someone - Lyle Rivas. He already has a record on file in the police database. You just have to find a police car and get rid of the wanted level. Call Brucie and he‘ll tell you the rest. Find the guy’s name on the police computer and a new marker will appear on the radar, which leads to his house. Go there and kill him.

Brucie will send an SMS to Niko, he has another job for him.

27. Easy as Can Be

Reward: 3,500$

Brucie asks you to bring him Lile Rivase's car. Drive to Yorktown and get in the right car. Suddenly you’ll find yourself being pursued by some unknown guys and you have to get that car safely to the Brucie's garage.

Then, Brucie calls you up complaining about Roman's gambling addiction.

28.Out of the Closet

Reward: 6,750$

A cousin of Rivas owes Brucie a good deal of money which results in a job for you. His nickname is French Tom. Roman will make you a very sexy profile on the Love Meet website just to take Tom's fancy, because he is gay. Now just go over to the TW@  café, log in, find guy called French Tom and click on the "DATE" button.

You have got some time off till he replies. Roman will let you know when to make the next move by sending you an SMS telling you to check your e-mail.

You will meet French Tom in 69th Street Dinner at 18:00. Have a nice chat and kill him as soon as you will get bored.

29. Luck of the Irish

For: Elizabeta Torres

Reward: 1,500$ + Sniper Gun

In a cutscene, Mallorie acquaints you with Elizabeth Torres and Patrick McReary. It's Patrick who needs your help. Drive him to the Joliet Avenue and get on the roof from where you will look after him with your new Sniper rifle. There will be some action and you have to protect him from any potential bullets that may come your way. Just aim properly and it will be an easy victory. Be sure to kill the guy, who will attempt to escape in the van.

30.Blow Your Cover

Elizabeta Torres
Reward: Algonquin will become accessible

Elizabeth will familiarize you with Johnny and Playboy X. Drive Playboy X to the marker on your radar and follow him to meet the contact on the 3rd floor. After the cutscene, go through the house onto the roof, kill all the remaining cops and drive Playboy back to his Algonquin house.

31. The Snow Storm

Elizabeta Torres

Go to the old hospital. It's packed with gangsters. Take out anyone in your way and keep behind cover until you’ve killed everyone, then move on. Like this you will get to a package of drugs. Pick them up and Jacob will call you to warn you that the police are on their way. Just make it back through the building, get in the boat and lose the wanted level. Bring the coke back to Jacob.

32. Have a Heart

Elizabeta Torres
Reward: 3,000$

Elizabeth is afraid that she may be arrested by the police. Suddenly, Manny enters the room with his cameraman. Manny doesn‘t even say two sentences before he and his cameraman get a bullet in his forehead. Your job is to take those bodies to a doctor, who will get rid of them. Make sure that you drive carefully: if you crash into another car, your trunk will pop up and the dead bodies will be visible for police and everyone else to see. If this happens, stop driving imediately and close the trunk with E key.

33. No.1



Reward: 6,750$
Brucie wants you to drive for him in a street race. Drive him to Freetown Avenue, get in the wonderful yellow Comet and win the race. Just don't mess up and it‘ll be easy. After all that rushing around, just bring Brucie back home.

 34. Deconstruction for Beginners

For: Playboy X

Reward: $6,500

You‘ll meet Dwayne in Playboy's apartment, it's his old friend, who pushed him to the top and who got out of the jail. You‘ll meet him later.
Get Playboy to the car in the side alley. After the cutscene, bring down all the guards standing on top of the cranes with your sniper rifle. After that go on and kill all armed henchmen. Each group of guys has it's own mini-boss, who has a red marker above his head. Keep in cover mode to avoid death. Kill them all.

 35. Photo Shoot

Playboy X
Reward: $6,750 + new mobile phone

Playboy asks you to kill some guy, but he don't know him, or how to describe him. To help you, he‘ll give you a new mobile phone. Go to the playground and take photo of one of them and send the picture to Playboy  - he will tell you whether it's him or not. Keep taking photos till you find him. Kill them all.

Michelle will give you a call asking you to come near United Liberty Paper building.
Mallorie will also call you and tell you that something is wrong with Roman as he didn't come back home yesterday.

  36. Wrong is Right

Reward: 6,500$

Michelle tells you everything about her secret identity and her undercover work for the police department. She will bring you to office no. 369. There you will meet an anonymous man who wants you to find someone named Oleg Minkov. Go to his flat and go through his e-mail. You will get a call from the unnamed guy and you will be asked to kill him. Go get him.

 37. Ruff rider

Reward: 6,000$

Dwayne is really pissed off because his ex-girlfriend got herself a new boyfriend while Dwayne was locked up. Get to the marker when it’ll be up to you whether you let his girlfriend live or die, but Dwayne will be more satisfied if you don't kill her. Chase down her boyfriend and kill him. Get his cash and bring it to Dwayne, who is having a snack in the Cluckin' Bell.

 38. Undress to Kill

Reward: 6,250$

Dwayne feels miserable. Someone stole his strip club. Niko suggests he get it back. Drive to the strip club, get in and listen disecreetly to some personal conversations. You‘ll figure out where all the guys in charge can be found. First one is near the entrance in a small room. Silence him with your knife. Switch to shooting and get the rest of them.

39. Hostile Negotiation


Mallorie will call you to say she thinks that Roman was kidnapped. Dimitri will call you to say that he kidnapped Roman. Go to the depot, where he is being held. Keep yourself safe in cover behind the obstacles and continue cleaning up the building till you get in the room where Roman is being held. Kill the one keeping him hostage and bring him back home.

 40. Portrait of a Killer

Reward: 6,750$

U.L.P.C wants you to kill someone. Get a police car, and find a guy from the photo you get via SMS. His name is Adam Dimayev – a marker will appear on your radar. There‘ll be a lot of gangsters, but you can kill him using your sniper rifle as well.

 41. Dust Off

Reward: 7,000$

Go to the marker and follow that helicopter. It's pretty simple. As soon as the helicopter lands, kill all of the guys around and fly that helicopter to the airport. Get out and the FBI will take over it.

42. The Holland play

Dwayn      or        Playboy X
Playboy wants to kill Dwayne and Dwayne is afraid that Playboy wants to kill him, so he asks you to take care about it. How to solve this situation ?
Kill  Dwayne or  Palyboy X . That's your great dilemma!
First option - killing Dwayne is pretty simple, but full of emotion and quite sad after that all Dwayne went through.
Reward:  You will get $25,000 if you kill Dwayne
Second option - killing Playboy X is a bit more difficult. There’s going to be be some bodyguards in his flat and Playboy will try to escape as soon as you kill them. Follow him down on the street, make sure you kill other bodyguards in the car as well as Playboy X.

Reward: You will get the luxury flat belonging to Playboy and a new friend - Dwayne.

 43. Call and Collect

Pro: Francis McReary
Reward: 1,000$

You will recieve an anonymous SMS with instructions to get to the pier in Algonquin. In the cutscene, you see that it's Francis McReary whom you met a while ago with Manny.
You are asked to find and kill some guy. Francis will give you his telephone number. When you get on the marker, get on the mobile phone and call that guy. You can find him as you will be looking for someone holding a mobile phone! Kill him, get his memory card and get rid of the police.

  44. Paper Tail

You will get a call from U.L.P.C telling you that a helicopter is ready. Little Jacob is in the helicopter. Get in and chase down another heli while Little Jacob will try to bring it down. You will finally succeed over the sea.

 45. Final Interview

Reward: 1,000$

Francis wants you to get rid of Goldberg, a lawyer. Get in the TW@ café and send your CV to their e-mail address. Some lady will call you up asking you to visit them. Get some solid suit and go for an interview. Feel free to stop the interview at any moment and kill him. Get his documents and leave the building. Get rid of wanted level and hand the documents to Francis.

 46. Holland Nights

Reward: 5,000$

Meet Francis at the police depot in Union Drive West. After the cutscene, get to the marker in East Holland. Now we offer you a great shortcut. Get on the other side of the street and look for the gangster on the second floor using your sniper rifle. Kill him and get rid of wanted level. And mission is successfully done.

 47. Lure

Reward: 5,000$

You will meet Francis on the south of Algonquin. He wants you to kill someone for a change. Go and get the car, wherein you‘ll find a new sniper rifle. Get to the marker and climb the stairs up to the roof of the building. You will get a nice view of the flat of some chump. Get his attention (call him, shoot his TV, …) and knock him off.

48. Harboring a Grudge

Pro: Patrick McReary
Reward: 7,500$

Patrick introduces you to his mother and sister Kate. She seems to like you. Get a car and bring Packie to the harbour. Follow him on the roof while climbing over some obstacles. Shoot all the armed gangsters and get in the truck. Drive that truck and Packie back to the garage and get rid of other gangsters. That's it.

 49. Waste Not Want Knots

Reward: +$8,000

Get a 4-door vehicle and pick Packie and his friend up. Drive them to the mafia mansion. Kill all of the armed guys, pick up the money and get out. Get in the back of that facility and get the motorboat floating on the water. Pick up Packie and get him to the East Borough Bridge. He will give you a telephone number of his sister, who you can date if you feel like doing so.

You will get a call from Ray Boccino who invites you to visit him in his restaurant somewhere in Little Italy - Algonquin.

Meanwhile, Packie and his brothers are on to something really big. Get a suit from Perseus clothes shop, buy as many grenades as you can and visit them.

 50. Three Leaf Clover

Reward: 250,000$

In the mission introduction, Packie introduces you to his brothers Gerry and Derrick. Gerry isn't much happy that you are going with them. After the cutscene, you have to find a 4-door vehicle, pick them up and drive them to the bank. After another cutscene, go and pick up money from the strongroom. Then there‘s another short cutscene and the real bullet-storm begins for you. Take cover behind the middle door pillar and blow up police cars with some grenades. Follow others to the alley, blow out another police car and rub out the resisting police forces. Continue through the following streets until another cutscene with helicopter begins. Now you have to continue through the underground system. Continue in the same way of cover and shoot through the metro complex and keep following your mates. Get in the open air, grab a 4-door vehicle and get rid of remaining 3 stars. Drive them home to Middleton Lane and that's it. That pile of money is a really good reward.

Gerry McReary gives you a call. He's got some job for you .

Packie wants you to help his brother Derrick McReary .




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