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Game Walkthrough - 3rd Part M. Biarinec | translated by: Matt & Alix | 22.02.2009

  C) 3rd PART

51. A Long Way to Fall

Ray Boccino Reward: 8,500$

In a cut scene, we see Ray in an Italian restaurant.  Ray wants Niko to kill a former friend, Teddy Benavidez.  Go to the Projects, where Ray sends a photo to your mobile of a guy who knows where Teddy is.  Find the guy in the photo and aim at him.  He will then say that Teddy is on the 20th floor.  Be sure to kill him, or he will call and warn Teddy.  Take the elevator up and start shooting Teddy’s partners.  They are behind every corner in the building, but it is not much of a problem.  After you shoot your way through, take the stairs (they are in the middle) to the next floor.  Shoot the men there, too, and go into the flat.  There are three more goons.  Then, go to the kitchen, and a cut scene will start, where Teddy runs onto the roof.  On the roof, there is only one goon, and then, you just need to kill Teddy.

 52. Taking in the Trash

Reward: 9,000$

This time, you will carry trash for Ray.  Not just normal trash—these will have a high price.  After the cut scene, go outside.  You will get garbage man clothes from Luca and his buddies, and you will drive the garbage truck.  Pick up the trash, and then, other people who are interested in the diamonds hidden in the garbage will start to chase you.  Go to the drop-off place.  Niko wants to take the diamonds to Ray, but Luca and his buddies say that they will take them to him themselves.

 53. Meltdown

Reward: 9,500$

Luca didn’t give the diamonds to Ray, and he wants to escape with them to Las Venturas.  Ray is angry, so you need to get the diamonds back as quickly as possible.  Go to Castle Garden City—Luca is there.  In a cut scene, he starts running away.  Steal a Banshee and follow him to the park, where he will crash.  Gradually kill Luca’s gang, and then, go to the public toilets.  Luca is hiding there.  Kill him and take the diamonds back to Ray; he will pick them up near the park.

  54. Museum Piece

Reward: 9,500$ + Achievement: 10G - Impossible Trinity

Ray now needs to sell the collected diamonds.  In the cut scene, we figure out that Niko is looking for Florian Cravic – the man who betrayed Niko's squad.  Ray gives Niko his word that he will find Florian Cravic.
Go to Johnny, who will accompany you to sell the diamonds; he should get a half of the money.  The transaction is organized by some guy named Isaac.  In middle of the exchange, something goes wrong, and attackers kill two of Isaac’s people.  Hide behind the desks, and kill all of the attackers; it’s nothing complicated.  When you get to the staircase, kill the enemies on it.  Go down, and there are more attackers—it’s good to use a sniper.  When you get to the exit, hide behind the wall, and with a grenade, destroy two cars outside.  You should take the third car and, from the exit of museum, go to the right.  I recommend going there and then to the park because the attackers won’t follow you and you will escape the police.

55. No Way on the Subway

Reward: 9,500$
In the cut scene, Ray will introduce a guy named Phil Bell to Niko.  Later, you will know him better.  Phil says that he has a problem with some bikers (including Johnny, who took all of the money in the last mission).  Go to Vauxite Street, where the bikers will speed away from you.  Jump on a motorcycle and show ‘em what you got.  The bikers will enter the subway, where you can shoot down the first one.  Then, follow the second biker, and after a long way, shoot him on a bridge.

56. Weekend at Florian's

After the mission “No Way on the Subway”, Ray will call and thank you for the help.  He will also say that he found out something.  Talbot Daniels knows where to find Florian Cravic.  Talbot is at the Triangle in Algonquin.  Pick up Roman at his new flat, and go to Talbot.  Roman will say that he knows Talbot and that he used to play cards with him.  You won’t get much out of Talbot, but he will show you Florian’s flat.  Find a four-door car and go.  Talbot will navigate you, left and right, but you will eventually find it
 :-).  In Florian’s flat, you will see a cut scene where you learn that Florian has changed.  He became gay.  He swears that he didn’t betray Niko, that it was Darko Brevic.  Florian has also changed his name to Bernie Crane, and he is the boyfriend of a politician.

After the mission, Florian or Bernie will call.  He wants to see Niko.

 57. Late Checkout

Reward: 11,000$
Isaac, who ran away from the museum when you were doing the mission “Museum Piece”, betrayed Ray and must die, as Ray wishes.  Go to the Majestic Hotel.
In the hotel, call an elevator.  When you ride up, the enemy guards will tell you that the floor is closed.  Shoot the first enemy and then the rest in the hallway.  After you shoot your way through the guards to the room with the sofa, hide behind the sofa, and shoot more guards.  As you proceed, you will see another guard on the staircase and a dealer in the kitchen.  There is your first target.  The next target is on the first floor of the penthouse in the bedroom.  Continuing upstairs, your last target is on the terrace.  Then, just shoot the rest of the defense under you and get away from the cops by the maintenance elevator.

58. Actions Speak Louder than Words

Pro: Gerry McReary
Reward: 9,000$
Now the missions for Gerry start.  Gerry has a plan for provoking the Albanians against the Ancelotti family as a good deed for J. Pegorino.  A remote bomb is the best for it.  Go for the bomb.  Then, Niko calls Gerry and sends him to Little Italy, where the Albanians and the Ancelotti are having a meeting.  Put the bomb on the underside of a vehicle there, and park your car across the street.  Then, carefully follow the rigged car to their hideout.  Go across the street and detonate the bomb.  A couple of bad guys will be left, and they will immediately start shooting at you, but because you are far away, it won’t be hard to kill them.

59.I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle

Reward: 9,250$

Gerry’s has another job for the Pegorinos that you have to do.  Gerry is afraid that the cops are watching him, and he still wants to make more trouble between the Albanians and the Ancelottis.  He shows you a dead Albanian in a fridge, whose clothes you will use as a disguise.  Ride a motorcycle to the chosen place.  One of the Ancelottis, Frankie Garone, will start running away.  Try to kill him as quickly as possible. Then, it’s completed.

60. Smackdown

Pro: Derrick McReary
Reward: 6,500$
Derrick is totally drunk in the cut scene, but he will be able to tell you the target, Bucky Sligo.  That is enough.  When the cut scene finishes, go left to a police car.  Get into the car and access the police computer (E).  Select “Search Police Records/ Search by Name”, and enter “Bucky Sligo”.  When the computer finds him, it will target him on your map.  Go to that place—Burger Shot.  Bucky will panic and run away.  Just follow him until you get to his hideout.  Kill two enemies outside and some more inside.  Use grenades—it will be quicker.  Then, get rid of the two stars “Wanted Level”.  Try to be quick inside the house; the police might gather in front of the house, and it won’t be so easy.

 61. Babysitting

Reward: 7,000$
Ride on a boat to Kim’s boat.  Derrick will tell you that another gangster was working with Bucky, and that is “Aiden”.  Follow Kim’s boat and protect him from other boats.  You only have to kill the crew.  Then, you get a rocket launcher from Derrick, which you use to shoot down a helicopter.  When you take Kim to the docks, the mission is accomplished.

62. Tunel of Death

Reward: 7,500$
Derrick’s next problem is a man named Aiden O’Malley, whom he told you about in the previous mission.  After the cut scene, Derrick calls with a plan.  Aiden will be transported from one prison to another.  That is the only opportunity to kill him—in the course of transport.  However, you need to get him away from the police escort.  The best place is Booth tunnel.  Get a truck and use it to block the way of the police convoy through the tunnel.  Packie will come from the back.  You can’t kill the prisoner; it must look like the prisoners are escaping.  After you block the way, hide behind the truck, and kill the cops.  Take a police van and wait for Packie, who will go, too.  Then, you must lose the three stars “Wanted Level”.  After you lose them, change to a car.  Go to the cliff and kill Aiden there.

Francis will send you a SMS that he must see you in Castle Drive.

 63. Blood Brothers

Reward: Potentially 20,000$

Francis found out that his brother Derrick has come back to town.  Francis has problems with Derrick, and the only possibility for solving these problems is to kill Derrick.  Francis arranged a meeting with Derrick, and you should kill him there.  Then, Derrick calls that he has a meeting with Francis and he is afraid that Francis wants to kill him.  He asks you to kill Francis.  Go to the meeting point.  From a maintenance platform, look at both brothers with a sniper.  You can choose to kill Francis or Derrick.

If you kill Derrick, you can telephone Francis to lower your “Wanted Level” once a day.  However, at the end of the story, this ability disappears.  It is also voided by your girlfriend Kiki’s special ability.  Francis will pay you.

If you kill Francis, nothing happens.

Packie will call and invite Niko to the funeral of his brother.

64. Undertaker

This mission starts after the phone call.  Don’t forget to take a suit and tie and go to the funeral in Suffolk.  In the cut scene, you will see the funeral of Francis or Derrick.  After the cut scene, Albanians come in cars and start shooting at the McReary family.  Packie needs help with their elimination.

The best would be grenades and an RPG.  Get rid of them and other arrivals.  After you liquidate all of them, take the hearse with the dead McReary.

Go to the cemetery.  Be careful with the casket.  Probably more cars and gunmen will chase you.  When you get to the cemetery, Kate will thank you for your help.  Gerry will call you from Aldeney prison that he wants to see you.  And give you another job.

 65. Hating the Haters

Reward: 6,000$

Bernie has a problem, which he explains to you through the cut scene.  Someone is bothering him in Middle Park.  Niko agrees to help him.  Take Bernie to Middle Park, and watch him from a distance.  He will jog, but keep your distance because, if you want to catch the bad guy that hurts Bernie, you must be farther away.  When Bernie gets to the bridge, the attacker gives him a nice punch in the stomach.  After he sees that Bernie isn’t alone, the attacker starts to run.  He will run on the stairs at the bridge, so chase quickly behind him, and before he rides away, shoot him.  If you have a problem with shooting the attacker before he gets on his motorcycle, put a fast motorcycle (for example, NRG 900) on the bridge when you arrive with Bernie to the park.

Then, take Bernie to Perseus.

 66. Union Drive

Reward: 6,250$

Bernie is being blackmailed by someone because he is dating Bryce Dawkins, a politician.

At Bernie’s house, take the fast car—a nice Turismo.  Go with him to meet the blackmailers.  After the cut scene, pursue their car and kill the guys.  Then, take Bernie back home.

Bernie will send you a SMS that he has more problems and he wants to meet at Pier 45.

Dimitri will call and offer you the opportunity to steal from Bernie.  Niko declines.

 67. Buoys Ahoy

Bernie Reward: 6,250$

Bernie wants to have fun, and he wants to take a ride on a boat.  Take him where he wants.  However, Dimitri’s men are there, and they will shoot at you.  Kill them.  Try to kill them on the sea.  If they get to land, you will need to kill them there. After their death, the mission is done.

 68. I'll Take Her

Reward: 9,500$

Even from prison, Gerry continues to “work”.  He says that Packie will call to tell you more.  Gerry needs to kidnap Grace, the daughter of old man Ancelotti.  Grace is selling a pink Feltzer on, so go to a computer and click on the ad of AuroEroticar.  Then, click on “View Cars”, and find a pink Feltzer.  Gracie’s number will automatically be added to your contact list; call her and meet her between 08:00 and 21:00.
After a cut scene where Gracie will want to sell you the car, take her on a test drive.  Follow the GPS on the map.
When the sign changes, turn around and go.  After you get on the bridge, Gracie will make trouble.  Be careful you don’t flip onto your roof.  When Gracie makes Niko angry enough, Niko KO’s her.  Take her to the chosen place.

69. Ransom

An easy mission.  Go upstairs.  In the room, Gracie is tied to a chair.  Gordon, to whom you brought Gracie, is guarding her.  Follow the instructions, and smack Gracie a little so you can see her easily in the mobile phone’s camera.  Take a picture of her, and send it to Packie.  When you get out of the building, the mission is complete.

 70. She's A Keeper

Gerry Reward: 9,750$

Gerry gives you more instructions.  You need to move Grace.  Go to Gordon; he will put Gracie in the car trunk.  Drive straight—three cars from the Ancelotti family are waiting.  They will follow you the whole way, so you can’t brake at all.  If they shoot the truck, Grace is dead.
Go across the bridge to Pay ‘n’ Spray, where is Packie waiting.  If you were quick and agile enough, nothing happened to Grace.  If not, you must repeat the mission.

 71. Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend


Ancelotti agrees with the trade.  After the cut scene, Packie calls.  Ancelotti wants to trade diamonds for Grace.  They are the diamonds that Ray Boccino went after.
Pick up Packie with Grace, and take them to Charge Island Sewage Works, where the trade will take place.
When Ancelotti gets Grace back, Ray Bulgarin comes, Niko’s Russian enemy.
After this cut scene, take cover behind the car, and get rid of all attackers.  Then, move to the deck where more and more enemies appear.  NEar the middle of the fight, two cars will come; try to blast them quickly.
At the end, you will run into the man who has the diamonds.  Niko and Packie promise that they will let him go if he gives the diamonds to them, but he instead drops the diamonds down on a truck, which unwittingly carries them away. Take Packie home and finish the mission.  No diamonds, no girl, no money!

After the mission, Dimitry calls that he is dissatisfied because he didn’t find Niko’s body among the dead at the place where they traded.

72. Truck Hustle

Phil Bell
Reward: 11,000$

Phil Bell and Ray Boccino have worked together a long time, and Phil needs help from Ray.  Ray declines and recommends Niko.  Phil explains that the Triads are carrying a lot of drugs in a truck.  Phil wants those drugs.  The Triads want to get rid of them because they believe that the drugs are cursed.

Go to Franklin Street where the truck will come.  Take cover, and kill the Chinese.  Then, quickly run to the truck, and when it starts to go, jump on it – on the back is a yellow arrow.  Niko will hold on; then, just follow the instructions on the screen.  When you get into the cab, take the truck to the old mansion on Sacramento Avenue.  Phil’s nephew, Frankie, will take the drugs.

Phil will call you—he recommended you to his mob boss named Jimmy Pegorino.  The   icon on the map.

73. Pegorino's Pride

J. Pegorino
Reward: 10,500$

The mission starts in Jimmy Pegorino’s mansion in Alderney.  Jimmy’s bodyguard, Anthony, takes you into Jimmy’s workroom.  Jimmy explains his problem.  The Pegorino family will do business with the Pavano family, but Jimmy doesn’t trust them and wants Niko's protection.
After the cut scene, get Jimmy’s car and wait for him and his two men.  Take them to Acter Industrial Park, and stop on the mark.  Take a sniper, and go to the place in the building.  Watch the business between Pegorino and Pavano.  The transaction goes wrong, and shooting starts.  Go save Jimmy!
There are a couple of men outside at the stairs.   After you get past them, go for Jimmy; he is at the other end of the small building.  There are more Pavanos inside, so be careful.  Use grenades.  When you get past the building, take Jimmy to the car.  The Pavanos stole his goods.  Follow them until their car stops.  Kill some, and follow the rest of the gang up on the deck—don’t forget to collect Jimmy’s goods.  Then, just take Jimmy back home.
Jimmy will send a SMS with a new job.

 74. Payback

Jimmy P.

Jimmy wants to get revenge against the Pavano family.  Go to the restaurant, and follow the Pavanos car.  You will follow them through small streets, so be careful.  When you get to AutoEroticar, take a rocket launcher and shoot all of the Pavanos.  Then just get rid of the “Wanted Level”.

Kate will call you that Roman has invited her to the wedding and would like to know if you will be there. :-)

A guy from U.L. Paper also calls that he recommended you to a boss named Jon Gravelli.  The boss of the Gambetti mob family.  He is in the hospital.

 75. Catch the Wave

Phil Bell
Reward: 7,500$
The mission starts in a strip club.  Phil’s assistant, Tommy, receives a phone call, and he informs Phil about the situation at the docks.  The Ancelottis are doing business with Russians, and Phil wants to steal the Russians’ boat filled with cocaine delivered from Vice City.  Take Phil, and go to the truck in Leftwoof.  The truck should pick up the goods from the Russians.  Phil’s “plan A” doesn’t work out, and the Russians won’t give the drugs to him.  Thus, you need to kill them.  Inside of the hall, there are a lot of Russians, and you must look after Phil.  After you shoot your way outside, go on a boat, and protect Phil from attackers.  Then, just park the boat at the pier.

 76. Trespass

Phil Bell
Reward: 10,500$
Phil doesn’t have time to explain.  Hop into the car, and go to the old Sprunk factory.
There are two ways to get in:

1.    Go in the main entrance, and use everything you’ve got on the Ancelottis;
2.    Go through the underground tunnel, and surprise the Ancelottis.

Possibility number 2 is better, so go through the tunnel, then to the left, and kill the first two enemies.  Continue up where you gradually kill more enemies.  Continue to the roof, where there are more and more Ancelottis.  After you cross the roofs, get onto the ladder and then on the roof where a helicopter is located.  Take an RPG, and shoot the helicopter.  Then, just watch the beautiful explosion.

 77. To Live and Die in Alderney

Phil Bell
Reward: 12,000$
Angie Pegorino, the wife of Jimmy Pegorino, is leaving Phil’s office when Niko comes in.  Evidently, they have a relationship.  Phil wants to do something about the heroin, which he hid with his nephew.  Go with Phil to the old mansion.  Frankie has put the drugs into two cars, but then, federal agents arrive.  As you are escaping, protect the second car from the cops.  After you arrive at Fleming Street in the Acter, you will proceed on foot.  Phil stops, and each of you will carry a bag of heroin.  In the alley, three cars arrive followed by a police truck.  Destroy them all (the best way is with a RPG) and then continue.  You will get to a van; use it to escape the three stars “Wanted Level”.  Go to the restaurant on Tenmile Street, and you’re finished.

 78.  Flat line

 Jimmy Pegorino
 Reward 13,000$
Pegorino doesn’t trust anyone anymore, and in the cut scene, he almost shoots Niko.  His bodyguard, Anthony, was wearing a wire.  When Jimmy found out, he wanted to kill Anthony.  However, Anthony is under police protection in a hospital after a heart attack.  Go to the hospital, go right, then right again all the way to the changing rooms. Dress as a doctor, and go to Anthony’s room, which is on the other side of the hallway.  Turn off the machine that is keeping him alive and quickly run away.  Police will notice it and start shooting at you.  Don’t mind them, and just run out.  Get rid of the wanted level, and the mission is accomplished.

  79. Pest Control

Jimmy Pegorino
Reward: 14,500$
Pegorino has Ray and Phil at his house.  A short time after the cut scene, Jimmy will call and tell you to kill Ray.  Go to East Holland on the yellow mark.  A call from Pegorino confirms that you must kill Ray.  Ray and his bodyguards will stop at a gas station, so watch until they arrive.  You don’t need to kill them at the gas station; it is good enough to stop in front of them, get out, and destroy both of their cars with a rocket launcher.


 80. Entourage

Jon Gravelli
Reward: 12,000$
In the video, Niko meets old Jon Gravelli.  He is almost dead, but he still drives his business.  He needs protection for Bobby Jefferson, who must get to the City Hall in one piece.  Gravelli promises that if Niko will work for him, he will find Darko Brevic, the man who betrayed Niko’s squad.

Go to the convoy of cars.  Get in and go.  When you are ambushed, kill all of the aggressors.  Careful—they are even on the rooftops.  After you eliminate them, go with Bobby Jefferson to the City Hall.  More cars follow you, but if you are good and fast, you will get rid of them.

 81. Dining Out

Reward: 13,250$
Mr. Gravelli has some news about Darko.  They found him in Bucharest, and they will bring him to Liberty City.  Gravelli needs more help.  He wants to kill Kim.  Yes, that Kim you met in the mission “Babysitting”.

Go to a restaurant, and start the bloodshed.  Kill all of the Chinese, and when you get to the next floor, go to the office and interrogate the manager.  Leave the office, and kill more Chinese.  Go through the kitchen, and get a rocket launcher ready.  Kim will be escaping in a car, so kill him easily with an RPG 
 82. Liquidize the Assets
Reward: 14,500$
In the video, you meet an old acquaintance from U.L. Paper at Gravelli’s.  He informs you about a business network of drugs in Alderney City.  You must destroy it.
Go to the place, which is heavily protected.  Approaching through the main entrance would not be smart, so go over the fence on the right.  See the picture.

Use the ventilation pipes to get on top of the building.
On the top, get a sniper ready and, in a while, even an RPG.  With the sniper, start executing the armed men on the roofs, who will be surprised and at a disadvantage.  Continue straight, and on the tallest building, you will go downstairs.  At the stairs, a vest is ready to be used.  You will meet another wave of resistance, but you can get rid of them.  Now, we are getting to your targets—trucks filled with cocaine.  Simply shoot one after another with a RPG.  After you destroy them, you’re done.

If you want to play hero, at the start of the mission, get a helicopter and call Dwayne’s bodyguards.  They will help you in the mission, and with the helicopter, you can land on any building and gain the element of surprise.



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