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Hints and Tips AnhHai | translated by: Kajlin & Alix | 03.02.2009

1. Name of song by SMS
When you are listening to a radio in the car, use your mobile to call 948 – 555 – 0100 and you’ll get an SMS with the name of the song that is played on radio. Sent by AdoBMX.
And when you are registered in the Social Club, you’ll get the name of the song on your e-mail. Sent by Superman2.

2. Repair an engine
 When your engine is broken, but the car hasn’t exploded yet, call any number and press the gas. TADA! The engine is fixed. Sent by Superman2.

3. Safe car theft
When you want to steal a car and you have a friend near you. Go steal the car, but before Niko breaks the window, jump away. Your friend will steal the car and the police will start to follow him, not you. Sent by Superman2.



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