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Interesting Stuff - 1st Part Branislav Keder | translated by: MousE & Alix | 11.02.2009

1) The guy with the sign: This man has a thankless task. He stands with a sign, signaling work on the bridge to Broker. He isn’t very brave though. ;-)
Author: Dimi

2) Traffic jam: If you set the traffic density at 100, which I recommend, traffic jams aren’t unusual - it looks more like New York City.
Author: Dimi

3) Forbidden park: This park is in Broker. I named it “Forbidden Park,” because almost nothing is allowed there. Fortunately, you can ride through in a car or on a bike.
Author: Dimi

4) Buses: These school buses, near the Broker roller-coaster, probably carried many kids there. Unfortunately, they never returned.

Author: Dimi

5) Signs: You can find many signs in LC - Some are funny, some are not so funny; some of them are real, some of them not. Here are some examples. This one, for instance, says that if you don’t pick up your dog’s droppings, you will be charged a $1000 fine.

Author: Dimi

6) Clock-tower: On the consoles, this tower shows real, digital time (in-game). On the PC, there is only a blank screen.

Author: Dimi

7) GTA: In the LCPD database on the internet, there is one man, named Phil Bell, charged with “Grand Theft Auto.”
Author: Dimi

8) Baby-carriage: GXa68g5ihcw  If you knock this baby-carriage over, it acts like a perpetual mobile. We added a map with the location of the baby carriage to the video, so you can find it.

Author: Dimi

9) The woman who died, came back to life and then died again: 1kz3q1Urja0
Author: Dimi

10) How to rob a store... Go to the store, kill the shopkeeper, go to the cash register and press “E”. The “prizes” aren’t really big, but you will like them. You usually get one star after you leave the store.
Author: Zemik

11) Glasses : If you buy some glasses and you get hit by a car just right, they will fall off your face.
Author: Zemik

12) Skate Parks: Skate parks, which can be found throughout Liberty City.
Skate-park No.1
The first skate-park (well, if it can be called one) is located north of Dukes. It’s in one of the swimming pools. Actually, it consists of only two ramps. You won’t have much fun on them, but you can train there from the beginning of the game.

Skatepark No.2
This skate-park is hidden under the Broker Bridge highway approach. It’s really difficult to get there, but when you do, it will be worth it. It’s an almost enclosed U-ramp in the shape of a square.

Skatepark No.3
Almost fully equipped skate-park, located on east Algonquin and above Booth Tunnel.

Skatepark No.4
Fully equipped skate-park, also located on east Algonquin, this time on a pier near the bowling alley. This skate-park is fully equipped, including ramps, jumps, benches and also rails. This is where you’ll have the most fun!
Author: ujo andy

13) Mountain exercise: Finding somebody who is exercising isn’t really hard in GTA IV. Much harder to find are such people in weird places. This guy is exercising on a mountain, which is inaccessible by normal means.
     "How did he get there?"                        "His position on the map"               "You wouldn’t shoot him, would you?"
Author: DarthCvrnda

14)  Voice GPS navigation: For some this is a familiar thing, but there are many who don’t know about it. Many expensive cars contain voice GPS navigation, which tell you to turn left, right or to keep driving straight. (Note by the translator: You can go to options and adjust this so that the voice GPS navigation will be in every car or in none of the cars.)

Author: EddieX5

15) Jean crotch: GTA was always full of things with an erotic undertone and GTA IV is no exception. In the Modo clothing stores, you may notice an ad for Ranch jeans, with a somewhat bigger than usual crotch, emphasizing the wearer’s manhood.

Author : Anal.Supervisitor



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