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Interesting stuff - 3rd Part Roman Lipka | translated by: Kajlin & Adam | 19.01.2009

31) Brucie’s leaflet in Playboy’s house
If you killed Playboy X in a storyline, you’ll be able to use his house like a safehouse. There are different leaflets on the table in the living room and Brucie is on the front page of one of them.
Author: Rider22
32) CJ on the billboard
As you can guess from the name, Carl Johnson (the main character of the GTA San Andreas) is pictured as a rich man with a black hat on a billboard in Liberty City.

Author: Rider22

33) E-shop of Angels of Death gang                                                                                                Obsah dostupný iba z DLC The Lost and Damned
When you surf the Angels of Death rival gang’s webpages (a main character of The Lost and Damned datadisc is a member of this gang) at, you can find an e-shop, in which you can order a bed, a dildo, a cup or even XXX in the style of Angels of Death. But to be honest, who would be interested in buying stuff from such a gang?


Author: Rider22
34) Shrek in Francis Airport
The main terminal of Francis International Airport is similar to Dreamworks’ favourite character – Shrek.

Author: vocas
35) Pacman
One of our visitors thinks that this machine in a hospital is quite similar to Pacman.

Author: Rider22

36)  Niko in The Lost and Damned                                                                                                      Obsah dostupný iba z DLC The Lost and Damned
Niko is shown in the intro at 1:35 of this datadisc. He’s going on the third island and hitting the pedestrians. But in fact Niko can only move through the first island, and he can’t go to the other parts of the town. It might be a cheat!

Author: Rider22

37) Ship in Aldreney
A ship, which is in Aldreney (the location is in the picture), is at first sight the same as all the others; but interestingly it is not possible to enter it. If you don’t believe this, try it!
Author: Sekáč

38) Incorrect parking
While playing the game I came across the Auto Eroticar show room, which is well known to all of you. I parked my car there and went to look around. When I again entered my car, without any notice I got one star, even though I hadn’t committed any crime. Don’t believe this? Try it out!
Author: Tomáš Rezler

39) That Rockstar, they did it again!

Author: NiS

40) Sunken ship and billboard
Go to the small island with a cableway. There is a fallen billboard there… and sunken ships around the industry zone by the last island.

Author: Canava

41) Started sausage
Can anyone explain to me, why is that sausage already started?

Author: Kubis Hajek

42) Dinosaur’s bones
Some dinosaur’s bones are near the Middle Park next to the road.
Author: JakubKnoz

43) The longest ladder
The longest ladder from the whole of LC. It is in the north of Broker in Meadows Park, it’s in Liberty State Pavilion Towers.

Author: Adrian Bárta

44) Building from GTA 3
I noticed a building in gta3, which reminds me of buildings in IV… you can see both of them have a pale bottom and a fence is around both of them…
Author: Moriak EdDy a jackass

45) Radar
This radar is in the airport, and when you jump to it from a chopper, you won’t fall through it, but you will be able to stand there.

Author: Jackass




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