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Interesting Stuff - 4th Part Tomáš Rezler | translated by: Kajlin & Colxfile | 02.07.2009

46) Rockstar publicity campaign
Rockstar publicity stunt, in Castle Gardens.
Author: Jackass

47) Little shit
This turd is in a ship, the one Niko was aboard when he arrived in Liberty City (Broker).
Author: David Gabriško

48) Ebb and flow
Evidence that the water levels decrease in Liberty City (Bohan).
Author: David Gabriško

49) Casino
There’s a casino in Liberty City
Author: David Gabriško

50) Ribaldry
R* again showing what they think
Author: David Gabriško

51) Dumping ground
There’s a landfill site in Liberty City and dustmen dump the trash every Tuesday (maybe even another time) at about 1 AM.
Author: David Gabriško

52) Wall that changes color
When you rotate your camera by this wall, it will change color (only in night – it will shine).
Author: David Gabriško

53) Through pole
This is a pole, you can go through it (Algonquin).
Author: David Gabriško

54) Trash sorting
Even in Liberty City, the trash is sorted.
Author: David Gabriško

55) Kate or ghost?
I finished the game story for the second time yesterday and after the finishing the Out of Commission mission, Kate wrote me an SMS, that she used to like me so much, but she was already dead, they had killed her in a previous mission. A day ago some unknown number called me and to my surprise it was Kate, she told: “Hi Niko, you don’t call me, I thought you were dead, don’t you want to go somewhere?” GHOST??? Interesting is, that after the first game finished, nothing like this happened. There are a lot of movies about it on the internet.
Author: skamba

56) Internet in Playboy’s villa

Lots of people don’t know this: when you kill Playboy and get a villa you can use internet there. Here’s a video as proof. 

Author: websternator

57) Ad to bear or oral?

As you can see people from R* has their whims ...

Author: Mr. Pedro

58) Los Santos
You can see a poster from GTA: San Andreas in Los Santos in the subway.


Author: Ka$$io

59) Next swings

I found new swings... they works!

Author: S!$k0

60) Ribaldry
a) One more add into our collection.
b) Look at the logo of bowling, what it looks like?
Authors:   a)         S!$k0
              b)  Satyr22cz




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