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Internet Michal Kovařík & Roman Lipka | translated by: MousE & Carl Caas | 21.02.2009

The Internet is a publicly accessible, world-wide system of interconnected computer sites, which transfers data through TCP/IP protocol. The Internet provides us with all sorts of information and services, such as e-mail, chat, file sharing and transfer, online games or fan-pages like GTA IV also has its own internet, artificially created by developers of the game, Rockstar, so it suits the game environment. That means you can’t use the internet like in the real world, but instead you will use it to progress through missions. On the internet, you can also find some new friends (and who knows, maybe you will find your love there too!), communicate with them or accept side missions from them. In addition, you can also download new ring tones or themes to your cell phone, just like in real life.

List of internet sites in GTA IV: - - - - Page with child pornography. Police will start searching for you (5*) -Internet dating (Niko’s profile - NikoLiberty) -New ring tones, themes and other stuff for your cell phone. - All maps from the game (Flying rats, Unique jumps, weapons, etc…)


 All these sites are registered under RockstarGames on the real (non-game) Internet. You will be redirected to, if you add one of these URL’s in your browser



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