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Liberty City Petr Zelenka | translated by: Peter Šabík & Carl Caas | 07.03.2009


This is where you start. It is an almost exact copy of Brooklyn full of flats, shops and small forgotten alleys. Broker Brugde connects it to Algonquin. The metro ensures that you have no problem getting anywhere.


Hove Beach

Local east-european district. Lots of restaurants and shops. Signs in russian on every coner. The Comrades bar is located here, you can stop by for a drink or two...or eight. Once you have enough of russian culture, you can still go to Cluckin' Bell.



Northeastern part of the city, feels like Queens from NY. The Francis International Airport, and the big Meadows park, plus a webway of metro are the only important things here.


Francis International Airport

The only airport in the city. Flights go around the entire world.


Meadows Park

Large like Middle Park in Algonquin, offers relaxation in a big city. The National Union of Contemporary Arts, a big gallery full of modern art, is near the place.


Monoglobe a věže

Local dominant building built in the 50s' as a tribute to the big world expadition. Now there is a small park around it.


Steinway Beer Garden

Small bar that offers beers, Pisswasser, and Logger. Darts are played here.


Liberty City Swingers

LC Swingers baseball stadium, that is located  near the Meadows park.



Relatively quiet part of the city, a copy of Bronx.


St. Mary's Community Center

A christian community that belongs to Manny Escueli. All sorts of meetings are done here and there are dances at night.



Centrum of the city. Skyscrapers, shops, Office buildings, cabs, streetlights, traffic and ruler-like streets/ straight streets.


China Town

Chineesse district full of....chineesse. And small shops and restaurants, its a nice place to visit.


Middle Park

A copy of Central park. Like Meadows Park its suited for relaxing and taking it easy after a difficult day in the big city.


Star Junction

Similar to Times Square, its more crowded in the night then it is during the day. Lots of neons and advertisements. Algonquin Theatre is here, its like Broadway.


Castle Gardens

Part of the beach, from wich you can see the Statue of Happines.


Rotterdam Tower

The highest building in the city. You can see it from anywhere even during the night, when it glows, its very nice.


Superstar Cafe

A deluxe branch of a well known restaurant complex. They make great cocktail.



Part of the city with a completely different atmosphere. Suburbs with typical houses is the exact opposite of the hectic city.


Liberty Ferry Terminal

Old unused dock. Used to be a hectic place.



Strip club for lonely men from Alderney. Its one of those better clubs.


Booth Tunnel

It connects Alderney to Algonquin and the rest of LC. Its a very old tunnel well known for its huge traffic, especialy in the morning when you are going to Algonquin.



Happiness Island

The symbol of the city, Tower of Happiness, is here. Unlike the Statue of Liberty in NY, this one is carrying a can of Sprunk limanade




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