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Main Characters Petr Zelenka & Michal Kovařík | translated by: Matt & Alix | 13.02.2009

Niko Bellic

Niko is the main protagonist of GTA IV.  He is an immigrant from the Balkans who came to Liberty City because his cousin Roman was luring him with fairytale letters about the American Dream, fifteen hot rod cars, two girlfriends, and a mountain of money.  After Niko arrives, he figures out that Roman’s letters were just a put-up job and a desperate attempt to be saved from gangsters and criminals who want to destroy Roman and his taxi service.

However, Niko is also running away from his past, and another reason is his desire to catch the person who betrayed his old army squad.  Niko served in elite army squads, and he knows some martial arts (mostly KravMaga).  He also participated in peacekeeping military operations in the Balkans.  He spent most of his life in prison.


Roman Bellic
Roman is Niko’s cousin.  He has lived in Liberty City for fifteen years.  He is afraid of everything, but he is an optimist, a dreamer, and a liar.  He mostly makes promises that he can’t keep.  He is drowning in loans, and Albanians—later even Russians—go after him.  He lives in Broker, where he owns a small, dying taxi service.  From the start of the game, he is your only friend and the only connection with other people.
Little Jacob
Jacob, nicknamed “Little Jacob”, is a weapons dealer and a good friend of Roman and Niko.  He is a member of a strange sect that uses marijuana at their rituals.  He closely cooperates with Niko, who guards him at his dealing operations.



Mallorie Bardas

Roman’s girlfriend


Vlad Glebov
Vlad feels like an important man with great power.  In reality, he is a low-level Russian criminal, who tries to get respect through loan-sharking.  He provides protection and offers loans with enormous interest rates.  He even has Roman’s taxi service under his thumb.  He was born in Russia, and he thinks that he is a top-class international businessman.  He owns a bar—“Comrades”.

Manny Escuela
Manny is a former gangster; he changed from a street thug to a community guardian.  Previously, he was never missing from any sprayer, hip-hopper, or breakdance event.  Now, he is trying to go clean, and he is making a documentary film about himself.



She has been successfully selling drugs in Bohan for more than ten years.  She knows exactly when she should bribe or kill someone.   She hasn’t ventured into bigger operations, and she deals in small amounts.  After some time, she became fully addicted to drugs and started to experience delusions and paranoia.

A fanatic for fitness and his well-developed body, he calls himself “VIP”.  He thinks mainly about himself.  His lifestyle is full of expensive cars, beautiful woman, hip-hop, and money.

Francis McReary
McReary is a corrupt cop, same as Tenpenny in San Andreas or Leon McCaffrey in Liberty City Stories.  His visage is covered by a thick beard that takes up a quarter of his face.  He knows Niko’s past, and he forces Niko to cooperate.  He is gaining greater power in Liberty City, and he is connected to organized crime.  His brother, Packie McReary, is Niko’s good friend.
Patrick "Packie" McReary
Patrick is an Irish vagabond and a hooligan.  He knows Elizabeta very well, and those who know him don’t call him anything besides “Packie”.  He lives with his sister, Kate, at their mother’s place.  His sister is in love with Niko, which Packie doesn’t like.
Kate McReary 

Patrick’s sister.  She is in love with Niko, but Packie tries to stop it.  In the end, she will be happy.
Derrick McReary 

Another of the McReary brothers, this one is the most unsuccessful.  He drinks, does drugs, and it is getting worse and worse.  You will complete some missions for him.  In the mission “Blood Brothers”, you can kill him.
Gerry McReary
You will complete missions for him, too.  Gerry is the oldest brother who is not much more intelligent than the rest of the brothers.
Playboy X
Playboy X is a hustler.  He owns a penthouse in Algonquin.  Among his good friends is Dwayne Forge—they did business together until Forge was busted and put in prison.
Dwayne Forge

Dwayne is an old friend of Playboy X.  Not long ago, he got out of prison, and he is afraid that Playboy changed and moved on while he was doing time.
Phil Bell
Phil is a businessman and a Mafioso who lives in Alderney.  He helps catch the betrayer of Niko’s squad (see the description of Niko above), but in return, Niko must work for him.  Phil is also a long-time associate of a Mafioso known as Ray.
Mikhail Faustin 
One of the many Europeans you will meet in the game (right at the beginning).
One of the many Europeans you will meet in the game (right at the beginning).
Jimmy Pegorino

Jimmy is the boss of Phil Bell, who is an archetypal Mafioso.  He plays his role in the story.  In one of the two possible endings, you kill him for his terrible deed.
Mr. Gravelli 
An old-school crime boss with a lot of contacts.  He doesn’t have much time left, and he wants you to use it wisely for him.
Niko’s friend before they were together in the same army squad.  Niko thought that Bernie, a.k.a. Florian, betrayed their squad, but he didn’t.  He is now gay.
Bledar Morina 
Bledar is an Albanian loan-shark who lends to people such as Roman, but his excessively high interest rates are equal to death for his “victims”.  He works in Broker where you will meet him at the start of the game.  He is an extortionist, criminal, and fitness maniac.

You will complete some missions for him.  He won’t say who he is, but he works for the government.


  Lola is a prostitute who works in Broker at the docks.
Bryce Dawkins 
 The mayor of Liberty City who enforces family values.
Tom Goldberg 
A lawyer who owns the law office Goldberg, Ligner, & Shyster with his partners Ligner and Shyster.  Francis McReary would like to see him dead. And you will gladly do that for him.
Ray Bocino
An Italian Mafioso who helps Niko find somebody.


A rich Arab who does business with Playboy X.
 Receptionist in the Algonquin law office Goldberg, Ligner, & Shyster.
Isaac Roth 
You will do business with him in the mission “Museum Piece”, where he will want to receive diamonds, but it won’t work out.
Kenny Petrovic 
 Lyla Rivas
A witness at court and Brucie wants to stop it—that’s why she’ll be killed in the mission “Search and Delete”.



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