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Minigames AnhHai | translated by: Jáchym & Alix | 21.02.2009

If you find a minigame, which is not listed here, you can send it to me (subject: GTA 4 - minigames, email: with pictures included. The format of the description of the game should follow the one shown below in the description of bowling.
  • Blavak - Pool + addition of bowling positions + Darts
  • Ikingi - Darts
  • RadekK - rules of pool, darts and improvement of the article
  • Pajko - better bowling screenshots
  1. Bowling
    • About bowling in general
    • Other positions in bowling
  2. Pool
    • About pool in general
    • Rules
  3. Darts
    • About darts in general
    • Rules
1. Bowling
a) About bowling in general
Location                                                   Payment for bowling 
You will first encounter this game in the mission First Date with Michelle. You pay $10, and then choose if you want to play a full game or just half (5 rounds instead of 10). Then choose an empty lane to begin playing.
Controls (default):
[A] and [D] – move left or right respectively.
Left mouse button [LTM] – get ready for to roll.
[F] – check score.
[E] – end minigame.

Beginning of the minigame
After the activation of the left mouse button [LTM] you are ready to roll. Move the mouse backwards and then forwards rapidly, which will get the ball rolling.
Note: Winning at least one full (10-round) game against your friend is one of the requirements necessary to complete the game.  If you get 3 strikes in a row, you will get the achievement Gobble Gobble- 10 points.
b) Other places

2. Pool
a) About pool in general
You can encounter pool while dating or a party with your friends. I was there during Little Jacobom for the first time, but you can theoretically visit even after the end of the first mission “The Cousins Bellic”. This game is absolutely free (unless you want to bet some money that Niko will win).

Here you can see the controls at the beginning (after the game is started).
[W,A,S,D] – set position of the white ball
[LMB] (Left Mouse Button) – continue game (confirm position)
[E] - end

There is also another option of controlling the game:
[A] and [D] - focusing (rotation) – a white line is displayed to help estimate the movement of the white ball
[Mouse] (mouse movement) – set which part of the white ball you want to hit (either the middle – movement straight, or side to get the ball spinning)
[Space] – hold the Space button to get better control during focusing (refined movements).
[LMB] – move towards the part of shooting
[V] – view change (table view or top view)
[E] – end game

Now here is how to actually play:
[Mouse] – just like in bowling, you must move the mouse backwards and then forwards rapidly. The faster you do this, the stronger is the shot.
[Backspace] – if you want to make any changes to the previous setting press [Backspace] during this stage of the game
[E] – end of the game
b) Rules
The goal of the game is to place all the balls with the same pattern (either fully colored or with a stripe) to the holes and end with the black 8 ball. The balls that you will be playing are chosen at the beginning, depending on which ball you successfully place into your opponent’s hole first. You then play as long as you hit the balls into the holes.
Your opponent continues if: the white ball, that you hit, does not touch any other ball or you hit your opponent’s ball first
or even if one of your opponent’s balls falls into a hole during your game and finally, if the white ball falls into a hole or leaves the table in some other way.
In all the cases described above, the second player continues. If the white ball is hit into a hole, the next player can place it anywhere on the table.
AI players do this quite often, so you should try it too (use the [W],[S],[A],[D] keys).
The player who gets all his balls and then the black ball 8 into a hole first is the winner.

You lose if you place the black 8 into a hole before all the other balls are already in a hole or if the black 8 is placed into a hole at the end as it should, but the white ball falls into a hole as well.

Winning at least once against your friend gives you the achievement Pool Shark- 10 points,
and this is also one of the conditions needed to win the entire game.

3. Darts
a) About darts in general

Darts in Liberty City can be found in Duks on Steinway and in the Lucky Winkles Club at the corner of Hell Gate.

When you enter the door, you will see a bar and darts next to it and you will see “Press E to play darts”. After pressing E you will see a demonstration. Then you will start playing against the man who always stands by the darts. The score is displayed on the left: Niko | Opponent.


[Mouse] – Set direction.
[LTM] – throw.
[E] – begin playing.
[LEFT SHIFT] – the dart will be faster, but slightly less accurate.
2x [TAB] – leave the game.  
[SPACE] - focusing.
b) Rules of the game
The goal of the game is to reach zero before your opponent. You begin with 301 points and you have 3 throws in each round. Depending on how well you throw, points are subtracted from your overall score. The target is divided into 20 sections, each carrying a different score value. The center has the highest value associated with it – 50 points. The circle around the center is for 25 points. The edges of a section and the part approximately in the middle of the section are for double or triple the value for that particular section respectively. In order to win, you have to get zero exactly and the last throw must be either the center or the edge (double the value of a section). If you don’t score 0 in this way or if your score has a negative value, that particular round does not count and you continue until you finally reach a 0.

Winning at least once against your friend is one of the requirements to complete the game.
If you throw 180 points in one round you get the achievement One Hundred and Eighty- 10 points.  




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