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Overview Michal Šimrák | translated by: Honza & Alix | 09.02.2009

Basic Information:


Developing         Rockstar North

Publishing:            Rockstar Games

Developing:          Take-Two Interactive

Graphic Engine:   R.A.G.E.
Theme:                  Akction

Game Mods:        Single Player & Multiplayer

Platforms:            Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3 & PC

Media:                   Blu-ray Disc & DVD-DL


Release Date:


GTA IV’s release date was Tuesday April 29th, 2008. The first expansion pack was published last year; the second will be published this year (2009). The PC version was published 2-12-2008 in the US and 3-12-2008 in the EU.




ESRB gave rating MATURE 17, Pegi 18+ a MA 15+ to this game.


Special Edition:

Special Edition contains:
  • Box- safe place where you can put your GTA IV in.
  • Limited series of Rockstar bags.
  • GTA IV "Art Book"
  • A selected soundtrack of GTA IV’s greatest artists, which are only found on this CD.
  • Specially-packed version for Xbox and PS3.


General Info

Theme: 3rd Person/Adventura/RPG

Multiplayer: Yes

Rating: M+/ 18+


Developing and Distribution Info

Developing: Rockstar North

Publishing: Rockstar Games

Developing: Take-Two Interactive


Technical Info

Graphics engine: RAGE

Physics engine: Euphoria 

Platforms: Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PC



Fable: Niko Bellic (emigrant from Serbia)

Place: Liberty City (NY copy)

Period: Autumn 2007





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