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Parameters Branislav Keder | translated by: lehoto & Alix | 17.08.2009

-benchmark: switch on the measuring tools and end the game immediately.
-help: Shows the list of all console commands

-renderquality: Set up quality of rendering. (0-4)
-shadowdensity: Set up density of shadows. (0-16)
-texturequality: Set up texture quality. (0-2)
-viewdistance: Set up distance. (0-99)
-detailquality: Set up quality of details. (0-99)
-novblank: Turn off waiting for vblank. (no vertical sinchronization)
-norestrictions: turn off graphic limits in the options.
-width: set up width of the main window. (basically  it’s 800)
-height: set up height of the main window. (basically  it’s 600)
-safemode: start the game with the lowest options
-frameLimit: Limituje imits frames of the main screen (example:  60HZ –frameLimit 1 = lock fps on 60HZ )
-refreshrate: set up frames of the main screen. Monitor must support!!! (example: –refreshrate 60 )
-fullscreen: Start GTA IV in fullscreen.
-windowed: Start GTA IV in window.
-availablevidmem: Set up available count on graphic card (example: –availablevidmem 0.9 )
-percentvidmem: Shows percent availibility  of GTA IV on you graphic card.

-fullspecaudio: turn on high-end CPU audio mark.
-minspecaudio: turn on low-end CPU audio mark.

-noprecache: turn off precache.
-nomemrestrict: turn off memory restricts.
-notimefix: optimalization of game speed.
-usedirectinput:turn on  Direct Input tools




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