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Pay 'N' Spray Tomáš Rezler | translated by: Matt & Alix | 05.07.2009

Pay'N'Spray as you all have known for a long time in the GTA series. We could see it in GTA 3 then in Vice City and SA. And so you all know what it is. It's a mechanic and paint place for cars. If you have a destroyed car, they will change your engine and give it a new color. It will be the most helpful when you are chased by the LCPD. They will change your car’s color and the cops won't find you. The whole spraying takes 3 hours of game time and the price is $100 for one visit.
In GTA IV, there is now a car wash. It's nothing you will need but every proper driver wants to have his "baby" clean.  :)  For $5 you car will shine.
You will find the map of all Pay'N'Sprays' and car washes in the game.
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A) Pay 'N' Spray
B) Car wash

a) pay 'n' spray


Leftwood Pay 'N' Spray

Panhandle RD


The first I will mention is the Pay'N'Spray in Leftwood. It’s on Panhandle Rd
Port Tudor Pay 'N' Spray

Hardtack Ave

By the name, it’s obvious that this Pay'N'Spray is in Port Tudor on Hardtack Ave. In Port Tudor, you will also find an Ammu Nation.
Purgatory Pay 'N' Spray

West Way

For a more specific location, this Pay'N'Spray is on West Way and a bit farther on you will find a car wash.
Northwood Pay 'N' Spray

Boleyn Street


This Pay'N'Spray is interesting with the pigeons on the roof but more on that in the Interesting Stuff section.

Hove Beach

Gibson Street

So here is the last Pay'N'Spray in the game. It's in Hove Beach on Gibson Street.

b) Car wash

Hell Gate
It is in Purgatory on Hell Gate street, around the corner is a Pay'N'Spray.

Big Horn Ave

In Westdyke, it's the only important building on the turn of Big Horn Drive.

Plumbers Skyway


For clarification, I will just add that this car wash is on Plumbers Skyway.


Saratoga Ave

One of the first car washes you will see in the game is in the Willis Quarter on Saratoga Ave.
Beechwood city

Tutelo Ave

This car wash is the last on our list; I is the first one you will see in the game.




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