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Police Stars Tomáš Rezler | translated by: Matt & Carl Caas | 16.02.2009

One star.  You have it almost all the time :-).  You can get rid of it very quickly – there are only police cars on you.  One-star “wanted level” will occur, either by for driving drunk, shooting in the air, shooting a citizen of Liberty City, or stealing a car while seen by the LCPD.  In addition, the star will appear if you rob a store.  You can get one star by carrying corpses in your trunk (see the mission “Have a Heart”).  The blue circle that you see on your radar is small; you can get out of it fast.

Two stars are a bit harder than one, but you can escape this nearly without a problem.  You are chased again by police cars.  However, unlike with one star, the cops don’t care about you – they shoot at you , so be careful not to get a bullet in yourself.  Two-star “wanted level”, still no problem.

With three stars, frantic escaping from the LCPD will start.  Getting rid of a three-star “wanted level” is pretty hard because, besides LCPD cars, you are chased by police Hummers, and SWAT is shooting one bullet after another from a helicopter above.  Still, if you stay cool and you step on the gas peddle, you can get rid of the pursuit.

Four stars.  You will hopefully reach this only in a mission, where it is supposed to occur, or when you screw around a lot.  You can escape from four stars, but it is more complicated—cops are on every corner, and every cop has a weapon (in the best case, a pistol / in the worse case, a shotgun).

You can earn five stars either in a mission or by constantly killing innocent or guilty people :-).  Five stars will appear when you find a web page with child porn in the Internet café.  You must pay for this hideousness :-).  Again, in classic style, police cars, Hummers, choppers, and armored trucks are chasing you.

The highest “wanted level” in GTA 4, like in previous GTA games – 6 stars.  It’s amazing – police cars, hummers, armored trucks, choppers, simply the ENTIRE police force is going after you.  To achieve this “wanted level”, you may, for example, complete a mission where 6 stars is part of the story.  Another way to get this number of stars is by going into a city that is still locked.  What else is there to say—we hope you are successful and you won’t get busted!



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