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Savehouses Tomáš Hromada | translated by: Rainmaker & Carl Caas | 02.03.2009

In this short article I would like to present you all the safe houses in the fabulous game Grand Theft Auto IV. If you expect some long enumeration of different houses like it is in San Andreas, you are wrong. There are just five of them, but they all have their allure.
WARNING! This article is full of spoilers!

1) Roman's flatlet


This is your first save house. You will certainly use an option to change your clothes, save your game progress or watch TV. It's a messy room but it will work well as a shelter for the first part of the storyline.

2) Mallorie's apartment - mission Roman’s Sorrow

Let's say it's a quite nice apartment - at least better than the previous one. Better TV, more pleasurable bed and a plenty of nice posters. Take notice of posters which works here as some kind of bonus.

3) Playboy's mansion - mission The Holland play

There is a part of storyline, when you have to choose to kill either Dwayne or Playboy X. I'll give you a hint; Kill that sucker Playboy X! You will come into his wonderful mansion with ultra wide screen plasma TV, beautiful view of Algonquin, incredibly comfortable bed and all that luxury stuff like balcony, massage bath and so on … Go for it!

4)Algonquin apartment near Middle East Park


Not including Playboy's mansion, this place is really the best one. It's in the center of Liberty City, it has great TV, comfortable bed and modern kitchen, not to exclude an elevator from this list of awesomeness.

5) House, you will get after the smackdown mission


That's your final house. You won't get any other and you won't be able to buy any other. It is simmilar to the one you got from Mallorie, but this one has way better furniture and some yellow pages on the table.



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