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Strip Clubs Tomáš Rezler | translated by: Matt & Alix | 05.07.2009

When you are fed up with people shooting at you, chasing you, and bothering you, you can hang out here, in a Strip Club. It's easy enough to look at our map to find the nearest club. In GTA IV, there are only two, but they are worth it. You can just sit in peace and watch the strippers swinging around poles or posing. If you want a private show, stand near any stripper and press E (right when you enter the bar some girls will jump around you and ask if you want a dance). In SA, there were 4 "pink bars," in LC it's different. As I wrote before, there are "just" two. When you go into them, be careful, Security people don't like when you bring in guns.


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the triangle club


The first strip bar in LC is in Northern Gardens on Bronco Street. It's pretty big and when you get near it, you shouldn't miss it. It has a big logo and a big pink board on the side - "The triangle Club". The inside of the club is very bright, after the entrance you walk through a small hall where there is an ATM and a video game for when you are fed up with almost naked woman. I can add that here you will do a mission for Dwayne - "Undress to Kill" - where you will get the Strip club back for Dwayne, but more in the walkthrough



The second strip club is in V. It's a lesser club than the other one but it's by what I think of as a "worse" level. Again Dwayne is very thoughtful with his logo and the pink board with the name of the club “Honkers”. Inside you'll find fewer dancers than in the first one. The club is guarded by Security and be careful using guns.




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