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Subway David Hořínek | translated by: Matt & Alix | 05.02.2009

About the Subway

One of GTA 4’s features that Rockstar Games often mentions in the media is the Liberty City subway system. It’s a magnificent and realistic net of stations, running both underground and on the surface. It connects several city sections.

It connects central Algonquin Island with the other parts of town, which are named Bohan, Broker, and Dukes. Simply jump on one of the frequented lines and you will get where you need in a little while.

LTA – The Liberty City Transport Authority is the company that operates the subway in Liberty City.

When you sit in a subway car, you have two alternatives. You can sit next to a window and look out, or you can quickly skip the trip and you will get control over Niko again as soon as you leave at the next station.

Unlike Carl Johns from San Andreas, Niko doesn’t have sufficient qualifications to conduct a train, so you are simply a passenger.  The subway has two major routes:

Dukes-Algonquin-Broker line


The green and red line connects Algonquin, Dukes, and Broker. Thanks to extensions, the line runs as far as Francis International Airport, the most frequently used transportation hub. The airport is built on the most eastern point of the city, and the subway is used by tourists and workers to travel to Algonquin.  When you find a place in the train for your baggage (good luck!), you will move from the airport to Lynch Street, a station associated with the World's Fair many years ago. But the Fair is gone, so you don’t have a reason to get off, unless you only want to visit local residences.  A little bit further is Huntington Street, the last station in Dukes. If you think the walk around massive Middle Park will be too much for you, take a short walk north from here to Meadows Park. Its unusual shape and paved roads are ideal for running events, and it is also home to the well-known sight – the Monoglobe.  If you are a normal tourist, visit the west coast of Dukes for the first view of skyscrapers and a gorgeous skyline. You won’t like the feeling that you have a worse view from the bridge than the cars that are above the trains.
The first stop on Algonquin is Manganese East. Get off here if you want to walk a little to Middle Park or into one of the many boutiques—this is their home. Further along the eastern shore is Quartz East. If you want to visit Charge Island or see East Borough Bridge, get off here.
The train lumbers northward and stops in Vespucci Circus followed by the main stations of Frankfort High and Low. They are some of the busiest stations. Thanks to them, Algonquin is well covered with subway stations – many residents on Alderney are unhappy that they do not have any stations on their island.
Are there still some people here who would like to visit Alderney? If yes, they get off at Vauxite or Quartz West. These stations afford an easy access to Booth Tunnel, which connects Alderney with Algonquin. If you get off here, simply catch a taxi.
Further along the western shore, the train stops in Hematite. The next stop is Feldspar; from here, it is a short distance to the Statue of Happiness. You obviously have to get there by boat. Tickets are sold near to Feldspar. A popular station for businessmen is Castle Gardens. It is close to Downtown, and every morning and evening, the train is flooded with university students. It is the nearest stop for the business where you can purchase a helicopter ride.
As soon as the train turns north again, it arrives at Emerald, the station known for local gang gunfights. The last stop is Easton. If you want to see Rotterdam Tower or travel to Bohan, get out here.
If you miss a stop, then a long way back is the unfortunate result - the train will cross Algonquin Bridge, and first it will head for Broker. This is the entrance point for immigrants who sneak in via boats. Like Bohan on the north, Broker has two stations, Hove Beach and Schottler, before the train arrives back at the airport. If you are on vacation, get off in Hove Beach and go to the park on Firefly Island. When you are done, you can go back to Algonquin by crossing Broker Bridge if you want to see the beautiful skyscrapers.

Algonquin-Bohan line


The yellow and blue line connects Algonquin with Bohan, the northernmost island. The rails run in both directions. Yellow trains travel on the inside circuit clockwise and blue trains are the opposite. There are two main stations here – Easton and Frankfort. Getting out at these stations lets you change to the red and green line, which connects Dukes, Algonquin, and Broker.
This line traverses the central part of Algonquin. Most sights, restaurants, cinemas, etc. are situated along this line, so it has the nickname “tourist trap”. The line turns to the south for a while where you can get off at the stations in City Hall and Suffolk. If you travel there, expect a lot of businessmen commuting to and from work in the Downtown Financial District. If you are looking for excitement in a helicopter and you are on a yellow train, get off at City Hall and go southeast. It can take a while, but it will certainly beat travelling back to Easton.
The station Frankfort Avenue offers easy access to the cultural area around the Burlesque. You will absolutely agree that this station is the most sophisticated of all thanks to its position by Star Junction. It is a staggering piece of modern art.
The main part of the line goes around Middle Park. It encompasses no less than three stations by the biggest public place in Liberty City. They are called West Park, North Park, and East Park.
To relocate to Bohan requires crossing the northernmost bridge in Liberty City. Once you get there, you’ll notice only two stations – San Quentin and Windmill Street.



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