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The Graffiti Adrian Bárta | translated by: Potvora & Alix | 20.04.2010

There are plenty of interesting graffiti all over the Bohan. Let’s review couple of them.


1) This graffiti is located in southwest Bohan. It commemorates Jose, who’s died recently (born 6/10/1969, died 4/22/2008). This is one of the most impressive graffiti in the Liberty City.

2) This graffiti is located in southwest Bohan on Manny’s house. Funny thing is it can be found on the other side of the wall (inside the house), as you can see in Manny mission videos.

3) This graffiti can be found in a Bohan house. Find the location using the map.

4) Another graffiti located in the same house. Well, it is more of a street art than graffiti.

5) Figure. Still the same house.

6) And another…


7) …and another…

8) Another fallen gangster graffiti. “R.I.P. HERNAN R.I.P.” South Bohan, right next to your safe house.

9) Set of quite nice drawings on the walls. Looks almost like some sort of a fairy tale.  This room can be found in the central Broker, inside one of the houses (see the Johnny and Playboy X missions).



10) What would this list be without a famous graffiti house located in west Broker? There are many previous GTA games featured here.

11) I wonder who had climbed so high to paint this graffiti. East Bohan it is.

12) Graffiti wall. Please note that three of these five graffiti represent the INDIE word.

13) And the last one – in west Broker.




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