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Dewbauchee Specter a Collection Time in GTA Online Veronika Kailová | 17.01.2017 18:00

There are new additions in the GTA Online. We are talking about a Dewbauchee Specter car and and adversary mode called Collection Time.



The new two-door sport car is available for $599,000 + $189,000 Custom. There is possibility to use the Benny's 25% sale! Donť  waste your time and go shopping!

New adversary mode: COLLECTION TIME


Try a new collection mode, you can get double GTA$ & RP until 30/01/17!

There are next bonuses until the 30/1/2017

There is also possible to get double GTA$ & RP in Biker Clubhouse and Special Vehicle Work. 

25% sale is available to use in:

  • Benny's upgrades
  • Executive Garage Renovations
  • Executive Custom Auto Shop Renovations
  • Biker Business real estate
  • all Import/Export tattoos


You can get 3x RP and extra money for winners (until 30/01/17). The premium race is located under the yellow icone on the Legion Square or on your phone by a Quick Job App.


Progen Itali GTB Custom now in GTA Online Veronika Kailová | 10.01.2017 16:18


Another Benny's Original Motor Works was added into the GTA Online! It is a new Progen Itali GTB Custom this time. You can start with customizing for  $1,189,000 + $495,000 for CUSTOM.


There is the next-to-last car from the Import/Export update.We are waiting for a Specter right now, as it is the last one. You can see the Specter below:



Liberty City arrived into the GTA V Veronika Kailová | 05.01.2017 21:23

Map of the Liberty City in the GTA 5
The team, who created the legendary OpenIV program, announced that they will transfer the whole map of Liberty city into the GTA V game! So we can expect an giant and ambitious modification, that has no competition.

(At the beginning we have to point out, that this isn't an official DLC for GTA V. It is a fan project.)

Liberty City
Liberty City will not replace the neither Los Santos nor Blaine County, but it will appear behind the sea as an island. Here is the first trailer:

We don't know when the modification will be published. However our website we will bring you new information as soon as possible. GTA Online doesn't support any modifications, but still you can play in the singleplay mode. See you later!

FRC 1000 Bike and Vehicle Vendetta Veronika Kailová | 02.01.2017 21:17


The New year starts with a cool Pegassi FCR 1000 bike!
Benny sells it for 135 000$

New adversary mode - Vehicle Vendetta


The first new year adversary mode is Vehicle Vendetta
You can go and destroy you enemy with new power-ups and get double GTA$ & RP untile 17/1!


There is a video of FCR 1000 bike.

GTA V is winner in 2 Steam Awards Veronika Kailová | 01.01.2017 21:11


The first year of the STEAM AWARDS is over! Players chose winners and this year was under rule of GTA 5
It is winner of two categories - Congratulations!


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