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GTA Online: Bonus week Veronika Kailová | 28.11.2016 20:31


Up to 50% off Offices and selected vehicles and weaponry until 7th December!

Sales, sales, sales

Real Estate

  • 50% sale - Executive Offices
  • 50% sale - Office Décor & Customization


  • 50% sale Buzzard Attack Chopper
  • 25% sale Vapid Desert Raid
  • 25% sale Pegassi Reaper
  • 25% sale Enus Windsor

R* Games Mannequin Challange Veronika Kailová | 27.11.2016 21:02

GTA Series Videos brings an answer to Mannequin challenge.

And a tip for new wallpaper (Download)


Pegassi Esskey in GTA Online Veronika Kailová | 15.11.2016 20:21

The second part of the Bikers DLC brings a new motorbike. It is a Pegassi Esskey!
It is located at the Southern San Andreas Super Autos for 264,000$.


DECLASSE TORNADO RAT ROD now in GTA Online Veronika Kailová | 01.11.2016 20:17


The Bikers DLC continues. This time there is a vehicle and not just ordinary one. It is not only for hot rod fans.

PREMIUM RACE: CITY AIR (1/11 - 7/11)


GTA Online: Halloween DLC is comming' Veronika Kailová | 28.10.2016 00:26


And new GTA Online Halloween DLC is here! There is expected hell motorbike Sanctus for 1 995 000$! Two vehicles, two T-shirts for free (third one after purchasing the Sancus), new adversary mod called Lost Vs Damned, good old masks and much more in GTA Online!


LCC Sanctus

New adverdary mod called Lost Vs Damned

Three bonus T-shirts

All Halloweens contents can be seen here:

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