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100% Checklist Mira | translated by: Ricky & Alix | 15.12.2013

To fully finish the game, you need to complete more than just Story Missions. Accomplish the following tasks and you can even meet the UFO.

1. Story Missions (50%)
All 69 Story Missions including “Lester Assassination Contracts“.

2. Strangers and Freaks (10%)
Only 20 of the 58 total missions for Strangers and Freaks are required to achieve 100% finished game. We recommend doing all of them.

  • Tonya (5 missions).
  • Beverley (5 missions).
  • Hao (1 missions).
  • Barry (2 missions - Franklin).
  • Fanatic (Franklin).
  • Dom (4 missions).
  • Omega (Finished after gathering and returning all the Spaceship parts to Omega).
  • Dreyfuss (Available after gathering of all 50 Letter Scraps).


3. Hobbies and Entertainment (10%)

  •  Pay for a private dance at the Strip Club.
  • Shooting: Get at least a bronze medal in all 3 challenges- the Hand Guns, Submachine Guns, Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Light Machine Guns and Heavy Category (18 medals altogether).
  • 5 Street Races (at least bronze medal in each of them)
        South Los Santos
        City Circuit
        Vespucci Canals
  • 6 Off-Road Races (at least bronze medal in each of them)
        Canyon Cliffs
        Ridge Run
        Mineward Spiral
        Valley Trail
        Eco Friendly
  • 4 Sea Races (at least bronze medal in each of them)
        East Coast
        North East Coast
        Raton Canyon
        Los Santos
  • Win a tennis game.
  • To hole out 9 holes in Golf and end up over or under Par
  • Win at darts.
  • 3 triathlon races (at least bronze medal in each of them)
      Vespucci Canals
      Alamo Sea
      Coyote Cross Country
  • Flight School (at least bronze medal in each of 12 lessons)
        Training Take Off
        Runway Landing
        Inverted Flight
        Knife Flight
        Flat Hatting
        Touch Down
        Loop The Loop
        Helicopter Course
        Helicopter Speed Run
        Drop Zone
        Earn Your Wings
  • Skydiving (All Base Jumps and all Heli Jumps).

4.  Random events (15%)

  •   Complete at least 14 random events while traveling throughout San Andreas.

5. Other (15%)

  • Find all 50 spaceship parts (Trophy: From Beyond The Stars).
  • Find all 50 letter scraps (Trophy: A Mystery).
  • Complete 25/50 transits under bridges.
  • Complete 25/50 Stunt Jumps.
  • Complete 8/15 Knife Flights (fly with a plane in a vertical position).
  • Purchase 5 properties.
  • Buy any car from the web.
  • Go to walk Chop.
  • Complete a Booty Call.
  • Pay the prostitute.
  • Burgle a store.
  • Go to the cinema.
  • 4 activities with a friend (go to the cinema, darts, strip club, and bar).

The following items aren’t needed to achieve a 100% finished game, but you have to do them to get the trophies. This list isn’t complete yet.
50 Unique Jumps
50 Under the Bridges
15 Knife Flights
30 Nuclear Waste





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