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BoxArt Mira | 10.07.2013


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The box art is a rehash of previous GTA boxes. Let’s break it down:


Helicopter (top left)
  • As on the GTA IV box, there is a helicopter. But now it looks more like a police craft. It looks dangerous but we'll have to see in-game.

    It's equipped with the standard machine gun for helicopters and rocket launchers. The pilot sitting inside is wearing what is probably a police pilot uniform. In the background, we can see a building known as the U.S. Bank Tower which exists even in real life and it was also seen in GTA San Andreas as the Los Santos Tower. This building is seen in the GTA V Trailer.

Michael (top center)

  • We already know Michael from the artwork

Franklin on a motorcycle (top right)

  • We can expect to wear helmets like in GTA IV.
  • On his back, he is wearing a bag. Probably for a mission, so we may not see this accessory in the game.
  • The gun is a UZI
  • Motorcycle is a Sanchez
  • That is probably the well-known Vincent Thomas Bridge in the background.

Girl (middle left)

  • A blonde girl is holding an iFruit phone (Fruit Computers).

Trevor (middle right)

  • The well-known Trevor is probably holding a M16 M4AI with an optical scope.
  • He has a tattoo “Cut Here” on his neck.
  • There is another tattoo on his hand. Maybe we'll be able to customize our characters’ tattoos.
  • There is a big sign for Vinewood in the background.

Dog (bottom left)

  • Franklin has a Rottweiler named Chop.

SeaDoo (below logo)

  • Here’s Michael wearing a t-shirt, shorts, sunglasses, and bulletproof vest while riding a jet ski.
  • He’s probably be getting back from a robbery.
  • SeaDoo - SPEEDOPHILE 2000.
  • Also, we can see Santa Monica (Santa Maria) beach in the background.

Franklin (bottom center)

  • Franklin with a standard pistol.
  • Franklin with a Glock, probably a model between 19 and 26.
  • We can see Los Santos Tower/U.S. Bank Tower in the background.

Car (bottom right)

  • A police car in the background.
  • In the foreground are destroyed police barricades- the car looks like a 9F.
  • That’s probably Sunset Blvd in the background.




screenshot of day

Screenshot dne
Mechanic - Planter


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