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Easter Eggs Mira | translated by: Ján Trenčanský & Alix | 22.02.2014

1) UFO in river


During the first mission, you can find an interesting and, for the GTA series, exceptional Easter Egg. It's an alien frozen in the river.
After you shoot your way out in the beginning, while you're driving, stop at the railway bridge and go down to the river. Right under the railway bridge, you'll find the alien. This means that you failed the mission, but a new mission of discovering the UFO phenomena in GTA just starts.

2) John Marston
There is lots of graffiti on walls in the Strawberry District. Among them is a painting of John Marston – the protagonist from Red Dead Redemption (Rockstar Games).

3) OG Loc

Remember OG Loc from San Andreas? In this game, you can find his record in the safehouse.

4) Packie McReary
Packie McReary is actually in this game. You can find him during a mini-mission and afterwards he is available to hire for bank robberies.

5) Collectors’ Edition Map

“T.P.E. – Trevor Philips Enterprises.
Weaponry, narcotics, intimidation and casual wear.
Lago Zan Cudo.
Great Ocean, Highway north,
through north Chumash,
0.5 miles past Raton Canyon.
When the guard rail ends,
follow the dirt road down to the docks.
Bring $500,000 cash.”

6) Mount Chillad – the Iluminati Symbol
Next to the cable car, you'll easily find part of an old wall. There is a symbol similar to the Iluminati one on it. In the lower part, you can see a jetpack and a UFO being displayed. Is it pointing to the tunnels under the mountain? Or is it about something completely different?

7) Sea Monsters / Whale
Everywhere they're considered to be a sea monster but it's probably just a whale skeleton.

8) Fifty Shades of Grey
Even this famous book can be found in GTA, or at least a good parody of it. You can find it in the home interiors or on the Internet.

9) GTA Vice City

10) Brucie Kibbutz

11) Playboy villa

12) John Wayne, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Chaplin

13) Face in mountain

14) Women ghost in Mount Gordo

Ghost of women is possible to be seen at 23:00-0:00 nearby top of Mount Gordo. The ghost appears by bloody sign JOCK. She is Jolene Cranley-Evans, San Andreas governor's wife. He killed her on this place by hitting her from the cliff.
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