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Interesting Stuff Mira | 15.03.2015

1) Niko in GTA V

Send by: Martin Carev

Niko isn't unfortunately a part of this game story, but here is a small reminder of him. Jimmy find him when looking at a Life Invader.

2) Wrecked UFO in the sea
Send byl: Michal


3) PC cursor
This has been seen in the trailer. PC mouse cursor isn't a standard cursor but the middle finger :)

4) Crashed plaine
There you can find a crashed plane in the sea on north-east. 

5) Dashboard from real car
Send by: Lukáš Volšický

The Felon car uses a little bit modified dashboard from the real car Honda Civic Type-R EK9.




screenshot of day

Screenshot dne
Mechanic - Planter


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